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Judge Arthur
Character Details: Urban Dead profile
Character Class: Judge
Favorite Equipment: Lawmaster
Favorite Weapon: Lawgiver
Backup Weapon: Pistol
Current Status: Highly Confused
Location: Kempsterbank
Kills: All known creeps, dead
Revives: Yes please.
Deaths: tis but a scratch
Group: Sector House 301

Judge Arthur is a Mega City 1 Judge working in Sector House 301 to restore order and arresting 'perps where neccesary. He seems to have mislaid his lawgiver and is currently using a toy horse's head on a stick to move around as he has also not been able to locate his lawmaster.

Judge Arthur protects all law-abiding citizens despite their deranged idea that he is not a proper Judge. Working with the other Mega City judges he will restore order to the chaos.

Judge Arthur's notebook

Well, as with every Judge and citizen in Kempsterbank over the last week, I have spent more time dead than alive, the creeps have been making it hard for people to be revived and the place is crawling with muties. I am remembering my Justice Department skills such as the ability to barricade buildings at a very slow rate because of the mutant threat. I have on numerous occasions gone to sleep for a few hours in an extremely heavily barricaded building and woken up to find myself dead.

What would Dredd say? He'd say, get up off the floor! Are you filth or are you a Judge?

--Judge Arthur 07:35, 13 May 2006 (BST)

Managed to execute a perp with my temporary lawgiver, this brought a new sense of satisfaction to me - dispensing justice as it should be. Now working very closely with the KNW and finding this group of concerned citizens to be most resilient and of great use to the Justice Department. I have also managed to determine how to move between from building to building without entering the street - this is most helpful as I can now gain access to facilities containing weapons and ammunition, as well as reaching more citizens in need.

--Judge Arthur 18:54, 6 May 2006 (BST)

Things not going so well in Kempsterbank - although we have found one other Judge who had suffered from memory loss, we are still a small number against the tides of the mutants. I have made contact with the KNW, a group of concerned citizens looking to rid themselves of the mutant threat. Hopefully we can use intelligence from this group to further the reintroduction of law and order.

--Judge Arthur 19:45, 2 May 2006 (BST)

Kempsterbank is under heavy attack from the muties, nowhere is in a good place right now, buildings are either wide open and not a safe place for citizens to stay, or barricaded by terrified citizens to the point that no-one else can enter.

I've witnessed various citizens turning on one another in anger and fear, fear is the worst thing right now - the muties are bad but the fear is turning honest people against each other. They say that perfect love drives out all fear, but I'd say perfect law drives out the fear just as well - we need Dredd to get here soon and restore to this place what has been lost, the sure knowledge that the Law is, and will be.

--Judge Arthur 07:31, 21 April 2006 (BST)

Managed to make it to a library despite an infected wound, was then healed by a helpful citizen. Now reading books to pass the hours until I have enough energy to get back out and fight. Man these books don't teach you as much as the book of the Law used to teach me when I was in training.

--Judge Arthur 18:24, 18 April 2006 (BST)

Extremely grateful to the Kempsterbank Neighbourhood Watch for the revive I just got - would have been toast if they'd not come at the right point, even the standard revivification points are full of muties out to kill the brave scientists trying to help out. This world has gone mad, the rule of Law is no longer - it must be restored.

--Judge Arthur 19:57, 17 April 2006 (BST)

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