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Juntzing here.

After a long hiatus I have come back here to admit that I probably won't be back. While it was fun, it got tiring having to play both sides at the whims of the hordes/guys carrying needles.

Previous work included adding stats for the search probabilities data modelling. Mostly I just record what I happen to search at for survival reasons and sometimes I actually decide to search a place for the sake of search data.

Suggestions voting tendencies: For people who want me to vote for them.

I generally do not approve of unusually complex operations being suggested because of server load constraints... We are being allowed to play without paying afterall.

I will not vote for any weapon that is simply a dressed-up super-ax or super-shotgun (eg: Hunting Shotgun and Sword were two suggestions that got Kill votes from me)

If a suggestion doesn't have logical flavour text or doesn't fit the zombie apocalypse theme... I won't vote for it.

I have voted for suggestions that proposed moderate changes for the most part (for example, the Prognosis Skill)

I'll probably always vote against an AP-tinkering suggestion or things that set up "Death spiral" situations for one side or the other.

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