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Wow my page looks like crap.


Justin Scott

My strongly Pro-Survivor

SoC star.png Soldiers of Crossman
Justin Scott is a proud member of the Soldiers of Crossman.

EvilSlayer.jpg Slay EVIL Winner!
Justin Scott kicks ass because he slew EVIL's leader using a Toolbox. Twice!

EvilSlayer.jpg EVIL Slayer
This fine Soldier participated in putting EVIL where it belongs. Face down.

Revanchist.jpg Revanchist
Justin Scott is a Revanchist ideologist and activist.

Survivor giddings stand.jpg Battle of Giddings
This user or group was among the living that fought honorably against the Big Bash 2 in the one month long Battle of Giddings.

Blackmore Bastard Brigade.JPG Blackmore Bastard
The RRF has had to lay siege to its own NecroTech and this group sent the Bastards inside some reinforcements.

8/18/06 -

Ubpicon1.gif Uniform Barricading Policy Supporter
This User or Group supports the Uniform Barricading Policy by actively maintaining barricades according to local plan or UBP standard.

Smallaofc.PNG Survivors Defending Fort Creedy Supporter
This user or group is a supporter of the Survivors defending or reclaiming Fort Creedy.
Fortcreedyruined.PNG Battling Bastards of Creedy
Justin Scott stood to the death to stave off the First Ruining of Fort Creedy. On that dark day, Survivors lamented, zombies gored many, and murderers bathed in the blood of the innocent. But Justin Scott stood to the death to push them back.

Jonny Deadmen

And my (vegetarian) zombie.

ZombieHand.gif Proud To Be Dead
This user is a zombie and proud of it.
BB3-template-red.jpg Big Bash 3!
This user or group was with Big Bash 3. They were last seen
heading home after the party.
Please have your brains ready for later.
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