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  • Welcome to my user page.
  • I have played pro-survivor, zombie and player killer.
  • I have had a few alts but i only play with Kaisuke now.
  • I spend my time in Dentonside.
  • If I piss you of in-game or on the wiki then i'm sorry. It's probably just my ignorance, learn to live on.



Description: A world-weary nomad fades into view. His worn and ragged frame tells of the experience gathered throughout his time trapped in this city. Just an old-timer trying to stay alive at the end of days.

Current Group:Tolman Power Maintenance Division

Brief History: When Kaisuke arrived in Malton he spent a short while roaming aimlessly about hunting zombies before applying and joining his first group Ragnarok which was great. Ragnorok split into two halves allowing Kaisuke to make base camp in Dulston, where he and the rest of the Dulston Chapter maintained a revive point at Hamerton Road. After some time Ragnorok and the Dulston Chapter began to deteriorate and Kaisuke regretfully left seeking pastures new.
Several months later Kaisuke decided to start his own group, a mercenary troupe by the name of Freelance Military Operations. The FMO successfully operated in Fryerbank for some time. Although they received few contracts they managed to pull off several group coordinated missions ending with an unsuccessful raid of Fort Perryn.
Kaisuke then went rogue for 6 months appearing now and then to hole up in small survivor strongholds throughout Malton. Eventually returning to his homeland of Dulston and retreating into a life of solitude. More recent activities have seen him actively participating in his first major zombie event, touring with Big Bash 3, whose recent end has left him to begin a new project, restoring the Tolman Power Station.
Previous Groups:
Ex-Leader of Freelance Military Operations
Former member or Ragnarok
Participant in Raganrok's Operation Dulston
Participant in Big Bash 3

Current Status:
I play this game for a couple of days each month to keep my account active. It is unlikely that I will participate in any major game events, I simply play when the impulse grabs me. This means that I have no strong attachment to any particular playing style and will, on whatever whim i feel, help survivors, kill survivors or support the zeds. I have recently had several players take personal vendettas against me, please note that I have been around this game for a long while and the actions of one player or group have never been enough to effect my personal enjoyment of the game. Simply put, if I piss you off, get over it. I will probably never see you again anyway.