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Kalenium Whitemore

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Kalenium Whitemore
Name: Kalenium Felicity Whitemore
DOB & Age: 2nd-July-1983 : Age 24
Occupation: Window Jumping Instructor
Awards: The Golden Bullet
Golden bullet.jpg
Current Status: Recovering
Location: Around...
Current Level: 41
Joined: 2006-02-15 07:03:05
Group: the Flowers of Disease
Character Details: Urban Dead profile


Rouges Gallery
Cemetery stones 2.jpg PK Count
Kalenium has PKed too many people.


Her striking yellow eyes radiate the rest of her facial features, with ash grey hair billowing about her. She wears a fierce smile that seems almost frightening, her expression is as stone cold as her heart.
Wearing: a torn and blood-soaked red bandanna, a blood-flecked black skull T-shirt, a dark red coat, a bloodstained pair of black trousers and a scraped pair of dark brown boots.

I began my early days holed up in Fort Creedy, gathering what supplies that I could and helping defend it from the zombie hordes. The days dragged into weeks, weeks into months. Slowly I found myself caught up in a never ending loop and began sinking into a state of boredom.
When strangely one day a group calling them selves The Flowers of Disease burst in and began killing those around me, caught up in this fire fight I fled to the Bratt Museum in Pegton. Upon ariving I began asking around about who these Flowers of Disease people were.
When I prompted a close friend about them he gave me an outburst about them threatening to attack his group, throwing my head back in laughter at his anger, he warned me about the FOD and told me to think about what I was getting myself into and then pointed me the right direction. We then parted ways.
In my pursuit of the FOD I found myself on their front porch; there I made contact with Hibernaculm and not after long I was initiated into the Flowers of Disease...

  History & News  

It's at the top..

  The Bloody Sack  

A large bloody sack

"I like to keep a little memento from each kill, so in here is where you'll find your bits if I've killed you"

  • Chaoticar's severed Head
  • Two blood stained tombs with the name Sirkus written inside the front cover.
  • A library card with Elgala written in bold letters.
  • A simple piece of paper with the name King dandy scrawled on it.
  • A bag with the name Deletion stitched onto the side and filled to the top with stale candy.
  • Three sets of dog-tags with the names LoboMau, 3 Legged Freak and Metroid Master engraved into them.
  • A blood soaked wallet with several tattered business cards that have the name Duke88 printed on them.
  • A polaroid photo of the name topsid written in blood soaked snow.
  • A battered radio transmitter with Michael Corsair carved into the metal, Michael is also know as Uncle Zeddie or Radio Survivor.
  • Several broken Christmas lights with their wires still attached.
  • Broken branches from fir trees.
  • An asortment of rotting limbs.

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HUGE thanks to Karth Salvage for breaking his back on this awesome piece of coding, so a round of applause for Karth!
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Kalenium is a member of

The Flowers of Disease.

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