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Kalenium Whitemore

  History & News  

  • During the final raid of the Cult of the Stuffed Crocodile at Skarin Row PD, Kalenium could be seen throwing her self from the nearby Canner Building "Warning: You only have 9 moves left today", most members of the FOD were quite startled by this strange, unusual and very sudden change of pace. Kalenium found herself all alone banging on the doors of Skarin Row, but was soon joined by her fallen comrades.

  • Kalenium was the first to claim a head in Operation: Most Dangerous Game, she brought in the severed head of Chaoticar. Afterwards though she disappeared for a week and only to return at the end of the Operation.

  • Being the tail end of the Slaughter at Skilliter, she found her self cleaning up the mess left by her fellows as well as decorating the walls of a once fine library with some poetic graffiti.

  • Although she was late for the Samhain Slaughter; Kal teamed up with her good friend Chasama so that neither we're left out. Sadly achieving only one kill, Kalenium stuck around after the slaughter wanting to be killed so that she could hone her skills at clawing and biting.

  • During the lightning fast strikes against the U.B.C.S. Merc-for-hire, Kal found her self once more isolated from the group and missed out on much of the action.

  • Kal participated in the Fort Perryn strike with the Sociopath Apostles, claiming three kills against her name these can be view in the photo gallery.

  • Kalenium began her grinchy crusade today! In a very Christmasy spirit, she has promised to destroy all the decorations that she comes across! List of decorations that have been put to the test so far: Trees (Fir & Plastic)- 24 Christmas Lights - 29

  • During the Christmas time the Silent Night Slaughter was a true highlight, yet the Flowers of Disease began crumbling as more members were claimed by "the real world". The FOD looked like it was going the way of the dodo, then Hibernaculum dissolved the group..

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