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Karen Arlette
Born: April 4, 1985
Arrived in Malton: May 27, 2008
Background: Law
MCIseconddraft.gif MCI Member
This user is a proud member of
Malton Central Intelligence.

Of all the places she interviewed, NecroTech gave Karen the best job offer. For an excellent starting salary and a guarantee of quick advancement, she was to enter the quarantined city of Malton on behalf of the company, allaying any fears or suspicions held by the residents. A virus that turned its hosts into apparent zombies initially terrified her, but NecroTech appeared to take all precautions. Karen was prepped, vaccinated, and given her own first-aid kit. Her family worried, but Karen reminded them that she would just be a phone call away, and her vaccination insured that she would be able to leave the quarantine at any time. Resigned, her father gave her his revolver – just in case.

Karen was flown to the northwest corner of the city. All of the streets were deserted, and most of the buildings were too highly barricaded for her to enter. As she wandered the streets of Gatcombeton, Karen caught a glimpse of her first zombie.

She ran.

In the ensuing couple of weeks, Karen learned several hard lessons:
1. Her cell phone coverage does not extend beyond the city limits, and she has no other means of contacting her family or NecroTech.
2. She witnessed a man murder a fellow survivor. Beyond a few grumblings about PKers, nobody seemed to care—like they had all seen it before.
3. She is more proficient with her first-aid kit than with her father’s revolver.
4. When trying to tell people about NecroTech’s efforts to lift the quarantine, she was met with blank stares, snickers, rants, and rude hand gestures.
5. The “vaccine” she was given failed to work.

By the time she had gone through the cycle of death, undeath, and revivification, all faith that Karen had in NecroTech was shattered. Rather than wait for a phone call that will never come, Karen has decided to make herself useful during her time in Malton. She now works with Malton Central Intelligence to help keep survivors informed. Nevertheless, she secretly hopes that NecroTech will hold to their contract and rescue her from quarantine.

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