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Urban Dead ID: KempyClassic
Current Level: 41
Class: Military
Joined: Nov. 18th, 2008
Current Status: Alive
Affiliation: DSS Red Zone Support ◆◆◆
Location: Somewhere in Malton

"It's not a skirt, it's a KILT!"

The Past Past

Part of a crack military operation, Kemps was air-dropped smack into the thick of it during a MOB attack on Santlerville mid November 2008. His entire regiment quickly wiped out in the carnage, it was only through a combination of instinct, wits & sheer donald duck that he managed to survive the night and find shelter in a ruined bank. Ironically, the very same bank which had ruined him not 12 months previous causing him to volunteer for this suicide mission in the first place. Funny how they always find a way to shaft a guy over... Bunch of bankers.
Not a rookie by any means, he soon found himself having to learn his skills from scratch in this hellhole of a city. Even tuning a radio took forever to come to grips with again. Still tho, he persevered, and through time adapted to his new environment, learning new skills in the process. Even becoming quite the artist and a dab hand with a spray can, a skill he excels in to this day.

The exact details of his mission remain sketchy with all records on file having mysteriously 'vanished' after the Borehamwood incident.
The Borehamwood Incident
However, one particular memo leaked to a certain UK tabloid (allegedly) implicated the NecroTech organization may have had some involvement. The newspaper was quick to distance itself from this allegation however when the journalist who broke the story was not long after found to be involved in a sordid scandal involving a top celebrity chef, a Nigerian internet scam and a llama farm.


His whereabouts to this day are still unknown.

What is rumoured to be fact is that Kemps, along with all other members of his regiment, were briefly assigned to NecroTech's former bio-containment labs in Perthshire, Scotland for the early part of 2008. Reports to the press by the families of their regiment after their disappearance mention 'bizarre experiments' and 'traumatic stress' placed on all involved. These stories were promptly denied by the MOD however, with the bio-containment labs soon demolished and replaced with a Twinklebucks™ coffee house.

The Past after the Past Past

Since his arrival into Malton, Kemps has had his fair share of adventures and been involved in many a skirmish with it's undead citizens. Adjusting into the wanderer lifestyle, he journeyed from suburb to suburb before settling down for a brief spell on the Kempsterbank/West Grayside border, assisting various small groups of survivors along the way. It wasn't long though before the wanderlust would once again take him and he ventured off east seeking a new chapter in his life. As fate would have it, a new chapter was indeed opened for Kemps as destiny led him to Penny Heights. More specifically, to Lumber Mall.
It was here Kemps stumbled across a small group of survivors going by the name of DSS Red Zone Support ◆◆◆. A tightly focused organization who were dedicated to a singular mission: finding the most dangerous suburbs, the ones overwhelmed by zeds, falling into disrepair & swarming with PK'ers – Red Zones – that kind of jazz. And they bloody well took them back!

The Past before the Present

Soon, soon. I promise.

The Present

Whut he said. ^^

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This user was part of Operation Sting Like A Bee

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Thanks to Mits, I was offered up to the Chilean Blob.

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