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I aim to hold Edgecombe from the Zeds... what with it being my home and all..
Current status: Alive
Group:Edgecombe Families

What happened?

May 11th, 2007 I woke up the morning after a good nights sleep with my brothers and sisters by my side. I went over to the building to the East and found it open with 3 Zombies inside and one survivor. I had no FAKs to spare so I did the only thing I could do... Kill the 3 Zombies... I drew my pistols and dropped one. I decided to draw my shotgun and one of them fled the building! (imagine a zombie running from a fight?) The last one felt my shotgun shells imbedded in it's rotting face. I suffered some pretty bad scratches from the experience as these ones were quite lively. Unfortunatly I never mannaged to save the man who was beside me... The seem to target the weak... It's strange... However I do feel that was a sucessful excursion.

April 27th How could i have been so stupid? Yeah my dream came true. The un-life sucks. I woke up lying in a pile of corpses with a thirst for fleash. I fight the urge and move to the revive point. I recognize Mokira there too. Looks like he had a rough night... god damnit i'm not happy.

April 26th I had a dream last night that i got killed... weird... I woke up and could have sworn i was a deadman. I headed to the Maver building and cleared it out... there was only 2 left inside but i did use up all my shotgun ammo. I'll need to go to a PD but i seem to only ever be able to find pistols there... I totaly tired myself out killing thise two as well... It was tough. Oh well, an other day eh...

April 25th It's been a slow day, some poor guy was sleeping outside... I pointed him in the way of the the nearest safehouse but resting is good for a while, gives me a chance to collect my thoughts and have some hot dogs... there arn't many left but if we get a generator hooked up maybe tasty food will be a possibilty? I might try setting some permenant eating area in a nearby pub. It'll keep the beer chilled too. Which is always a good thing. I've noticed around 13 outside the Maver building. It does worry me...

April 24th 7:12am Last night i left the mall without looking back. There were several attacks during the night but the good survivors of the mall kept going by re-installing generators, It's really creepy in the dark. I stopped by at some buildings in Edgecombe allong the way. However i didn't stay for long. I had a specific place to go... Now that i'm there it would seem i'm not really needed anyway. I might head north to an abandoned factory. It's usually a good place to find generators... For now i think it might be fun to have a small BBQ with the guys here.

April 23rd Sleeping in a crowded shopping mall is never fun... I was awoken in the night by some gunfire... I'd hate to be mistaken as a murderer in one of those places... People are always out for revenge, I don't think i've spen a night there where someone hasn't been killed for something. I intend to leave as swiftly as possible... For now i'll attempt to find something in the gun store. They have a BBQ going in here... it's a nice touch i'll need to get one lit up back home.

April 22nd I woke up in an empty firestation. The same firestation I have woken up in for what seems like years... The Zombies keep breaking in but i seem, somehow to be able to push them back every time. I have remained human for a long time now... Must be since the 'Battle' at Hildebrand... Which now seems like a very distsant and nasty dream. I need ammo.

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This user is Scottish.

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Kiddy helps to protect the Survivor Security Zone.
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