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UD Profile:

Group: Special Air Service, Yellow Team

Class: Military, Medic

Personal Journal

19 January 2006: God, Malton is a real shithole! Its been about 7 days since making contact with Kenshin and joining the SAS. Since then I've been free running from place to place in the hopes of finding someone, ANYONE to heal. First Aid Kits are hard to come by but I find them occasionally. I got ammo, and weapons, but no real skillz yet. Oh how I wished the Army had taught me Basic Firearms Training in boot! I guess I'm just another casualty of the budgetarily-conscious armed forces. Right now I'm holed-up in an abandoned pub, with plenty of ale and wine (but wine is for pussies, right?). I would rather have something to shoot at.

21 January 2006: Out of Gibsonton, holed-up in a library in Spraklingbank with several suriviors. They're a pretty rowdy bunch, and I feel that any Zeds who stumble into this safehouse are in for a painful time. Will continue on the journey to Roftwood after I get some shut-eye. If only the fucking zeds would stop with all that moaning and groaning! Just bought Basic Firearms Training so maybe I'll be lucky enough for something to run into my bullets as I'm shootin'.

22 January 2006:Bedding down for the night in a Pub in Peppardville. The trip from Spracklingbank was uneventful. Healed a couple of survivors along the way. Found a few more FAK's. This burb has a growing zed problem, with what looks like little human response. If I see tomorrow, I'll continue searching for more FAKs in a nearby hospital, and make my way to Edgecombe in a day or so. At least I've got booze and my guns to keep me warm.

23 January 2006:Still in Peppardville, hiding out in a junkyard. Pretty safe surroundings, for now. Made a run to the hospital nearby and have 10 FAKs now. Will make another run tomorrow after resting up. Then its on to Edgecombe.

24 January 2006: Day 3 in Peppardville, hiding in secured factory. No luck searching the hospital today. Some poor bastard was being attacked in his sleep by 4 zeds there. I couldn't take 'em all by myself, and had to retreat to the safehouse. I can still hear his anguished screams, and the snarls of zeds in my ears as they were feasting on him. I almost shot the poor bastard myself to put him out of his misery....Unfortunately I couldn't spare the ammo. I'll resume a half-assed search for more FAKs at daybreak. After that, I'm hauling ass to Dulston.

25 January 2006: Arrived in Dulston....Nothing else to report.

28 January 2006: Treweeke Mall is back in human hands, for now. Spent a day healing the injured. My team is increasing its numbers and planning a lot of pain, harm, and other fun things for the zeds here. I can't wait! I did happen to get a couple of bottles of Hennessey from one of me mates. He was able to scrounge 'em up from an old pub. We've been passing the bottle around all evening here in HQ. Man, it almost feels like old times....ALMOST.

30 January 2006: Keeping a low-profile. Continuing to heal survivors as I come across them. Just bought Hand to Hand Combat skill. Really takes a long time to get real field experience when you're a medic. I have better luck finding n00b's on the streets who need healing, than in safehouses. Sux Ass! The team is continuing to fortify and stock-up on ammo for when zeds start showing their ugly heads around here again. I'm only a Level Four right now, but I help when I can.

A report on Treweeke Mall says "No zombies outside or in any mall squares, or those next to the mall. The battle of Treweeke is over."

I'm sure those Zed fucks will be back eventually.

31 January 2006: No heals today, everyone I encountered didn't need it. Saw a Level 1 Zed spy in the local PD. He's a member of the BLFK. Gave him the basic "Zed spies seek life elsewhere" warning, and took about 4 shots at his ass. All misses! Damn I need some Pistol Training! Anyway, I'll make my way back to the Treweeke Mall tomorrow, and hang out there for 24 hrs or so.

8 February 2006: Operation in Dulston is over. Been rerouted to Gibsonton to assist in retaking that burb. First night in was not good. Most of our advance party was killed by a zed mob that overran the PD. Most have been revived at this point, and we're looking for some payback. We're locked, cocked, and ready to ROCK!!!! I now have Axe Proficiency. So I'm ready to bust some Zed heads. Let the ass-kickery commence!

18 February 2006: Day 10 in Gibsonton. Have had very little time to devote to the journal. This burb is tough. Holding Oram Walk Police Department has been an exhausting endeavor, what with the constant attacks from small mobs of zeds. Not to mention the unknown number of Zombie spies hiding out among us. NO safehouse is safe for long, so we try to keep moving. Our team has gotten some pretty decent kills, including a few spies. Hopefully they'll get the message that they aren't welcome here and will be found out and executed. The job is hard enough as it is not to have to suspect everyone who walks in our door. All this combat has made it easier to level in this burb. I now have Pistol Training, Advanced Pistol Training, Shotgun Training, and Construction skills. They have been invaluable on this op.

22 February 2006: Week Two in Gibsonton. The team has given up on holding the PD. Ironically enough not because of the zeds, but beacuse of the stupid occupants who were too blind to see that spies and griefers were among us who kept weakening the barricades. I took one of the suspected spies out, and the police chief started pissing and moaning about PKing. Command has ordered us to let the dumbasses have their precious PD back, we've moved back to our RV. We'll see how long the current tenants can keep from being a late night zed snack. I can't wait to leave this burb.

25 February 2006: Operations in Gibsonton have ended. Command is already referring to it as an "unqualified success". I will admit that we executed the op effectively, but a lot of mistakes were made. We could have made a better go at holding Oram Walk Police Department by controlling and occupying a nearby safehouse, only barricading the PD to Very Srongly Barricaded[1] permitting low-level survivors to access it, and eliminating the zed threat as it appeared. Distributed Defense Strategy does work when properly executed. But what do I know, huh? Anyway, the teams are restocking supplies, and rearming while we await orders for our next op. I have a feeling its gonna get more dangerous real soon.

26 February 2006: Still at the safehouse in Gibsonton. Very low zed activity for the past five days. Got a couple of hits on a loner outside a factory. Was near my IP limit so I couldn't take him down. Got enough XP to get NecroTech Employment skill. Now if only I knew what to do with this new skill. Guess if I ever need a revive, I'll know where to go. Gives me a reason to pick up a DNA Extractor at a NT building. I wish I cared enough to get excited.

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