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About Me

KingRaptor is the leader of the group Majestic 12 and has been killing zombies in the streets of Malton since early October 2005.

He could tell you more, but then he'd have to kill you...

My Characters

I have five characters.


  • Soldier (Affliation unknown)
  • Level 32
  • Status: Classified (Oh sure, like I'm going to give away details like that. Piss off, zombie spy.)

Issac Kleiner

  • Necrotech Researcher
  • Level 10
  • Status: Looking for a fellow N-Tech

Hermann Cadaver

Joseph Lister

  • United Nations Medic
  • Level 14
  • Status: Engaging

Zombie OPFOR

  • Undead soldier
  • Level 3
  • Status: Feraling around

Character Names

  • KingRaptor is my nick in almost anything online. Sometimes I add the [MJ12] tag to the front of it.
  • Issac Kleiner is one of the scientists from Half-Life 2.
  • Hermann Cadaver got his name from:
    • Gunther Hermann, one of the mech-augs in Deus Ex. He's a large, well-built German guy.
    • The word cadaver, which simply refers to a dead body.
  • Joseph Lister is(was) a real-life British surgeon. He pioneered the use of antiseptics in the operathing theater.
  • OPFOR stands for Opposing Force, a military unit tasked with simulating the enemy in a field exercise.

Majestic 12

Majestic 12 in Urban Dead is a blend of the real-life Majestic 12 (note: I don't believe MJ12 actually exists in real life like conspiracy theorists claim) and the one in Deus Ex. Our wiki page explains everything.


"Stop making suggestions. Its a win/win situation. You dont post your utterly craptacular suggestions which annoy us, and we stop spaminating them, which annoys you. In case you hadnt noticed, you are not good at making suggestions. In fact, to say that a braindead monkey could easily make better suggestions than you is a vast understatement. Your passage through the suggestions page could be described as a person lurching from catastrophe to catastrophe, each ever larger than the last, as though you are constantly trying to outdo yourself in your search for supreme crappiness." --Grim s

"We smash it because we can and we want to. Shut up crybaby. If you love generators so much, why don't you marry one?" -- Degenerates

"Both sides are like cockroaches."

  • Survivors are like cockroaches: you tear down their safehouse and within days they're scurrying all over it, repopulating and rebarricading it.
  • Zombies are like cockroaches: no matter how hard you try to stamp them out, they never seem to die.

-- KingRaptor

"Noobs exist to be harvested for ownage, that's how things have been and always will be." -- Anonymous (though I like to claim it as my own)

"And on the sixth day, God created man. By the seventh day, He'd realized His mistake..." -- Armegalo

"Never bring a knife to a gun fight. Conversely, always bring a gun to a knife fight...just in case." -- KingRaptor

Miscellaneous Stuff

Majestic 12 military carbine (Not currently issued in Malton)

My Journal

Strategic Safehouse Locations

My Editorials

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A great zombie game