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Here you can find all the editorials I wrote about stuff.

Improve the Quality of the Suggestions

An Editorial by KingRaptor


Urban Dead is a constantly-evolving game, and its creator, Kevan Davis, is constantly adding new features to it. Since player input is always good, he even set up a Suggestions page so people could place their suggestions for new things in the game (ok, so he didn't actually create it, but he reads and gets ideas from it).

You'd think people would appreciate it and make great suggestions that would make the gamplay, balance, interface and more great for everyone, right?


Instead, we have ridiculous garbage that keeps getting reposted no matter how many times it ends up in the Peer Rejected Suggestions page (like this), countless duplicates of the same tired old suggestions, the outrageously unbalanced products of dimwits like this, and some just plain retarded piles of bovine manufactured fertilizer like this. And don't even get me started on the suggestions that get spaminated before I can even read them.

It makes me so mad, I want to search for a Kitchen Knife and cut the authors of the bad suggestions! Seriously, how many of them even bothered to read the Suggestions Dos and Do Nots before posting their ideas, let alone check for duplicate ideas in Previous Days Suggestions? These are probably the same people who don't read the stickies on forums and ask questions that have been asked/answered countless times.

I think we seriously need to start imposing harsher penalties for posting terrible or duplicate suggestions. The Spaminated page by Zaruthustra works well, but it is not enough. We must punish the noobs harder and force them to learn the basics of proposing suggestions...or I will cut them!

Some may view my plan to be cruel as "elitist" and "unnecessarily harsh". My response to them is that I am a crazy person and I will cut people who disagree with me. Furthermore, there are many legitimate reasons for such means of increasing the quality of the suggestions. For one, there will be less hospital bills, since I will cut less people. Second...I don't need a @#$% second reason! I want the quality of the suggestions improved, and I want them improved right @#$% now!

Now post better suggestions or I cut you!

KingRaptor is a syndicated columnist whose columns appear worldwide on The Urban Dead Wiki and is the author of such books as "Advanced Knife Combat: A Guide to Cutting People Better" and "I Want Quality Content, Damnit!"