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Top Secret

This document contains information on:

  • The concept of Strategic Safehouses
  • Criteria for determining whether a given building is a Strategic Safehouse
  • Short list of known Strategic Safehouses

Concept of the Strategic Safehouse

As everyone knows, safehouses are buildings in which survivors gather to rest for the night without being preyed on by zombies. There are three key types of safehouses:

  • Primary Resource Buildings (Police Departments, Hospitals, Malls, Forts)
Utilizing these buildings as safehouses offers the advantage of being able to search for key equipment and ammunition on-the-spot without spending significant amounts of AP travelling back and forth. However, they are also high-profile targets and frequently assaulted by zombies, whether feral or organized. The high concentration of survivors is a double-edged sword: while it does make attacks easier to repel, it also makes the safehouse a juicy target for large hordes and results in a higher number of casualties should it be overrun.
  • Secondary Resource Buildings (NecroTech buildings, schools)
These buildings tend to be lower-profile targets than primary resource buildings and yield several important items, particularly revivification syringes and spray cans. However, they can be quite rare and far-removed from primary resource buildings. Furthermore, organized zombie hordes may often target such structures.
  • Non-resource Buildings (Everything else)
Non-resource buildings are generally inconspicious; however, they rarely if ever have anything useful to search for. While most zombies don't bother with them, a few zombie groups have been known to systematically destroy every safehouse encountered, and zombie spies may reveal the location of safehouses to the zombies (although this rarely if ever happens).

The Strategic Safehouse concept involves utilizing the close proximity of all three building types to pinpoint locations which are:

  • Close enough to resource buildings of both types to allow easy resource gathering
  • Inconspicious structures (secondary or non-resource buildings) to reduce the risk of a zombie attack.

To further increase the value of the safehouse, generators should be set up (primarily in hospitals but also in other buildings) and the suburb's Mobile Phone Mast should be brought online.

Strategic Safehouse Criteria

Strategic safehouses must meet the following criteria:

  • Within two to three squares of at least one hospital and one police department
  • Within three to five squares of one Necrotech building
  • Should not be in a mall, fort, police department or hospital unless absolutely necessary

The safehouse also gets bonus points for the following:

  • Within six squares of a mall
  • Within four squares of a school
  • Within five squares of a designated Revivification Point.
  • As little empty squares as possible in the area (to maximise the effectiveness of Free Running)

Backup primary resource buildings (in the event that the closest ones are overrun) are useful but not essential.

Known Strategic Safehouses

This list was prepared by looking at the map of Malton's individual suburbs. Therfore, it does not take into account buildings across suburb borders. It also does not note the overall condition of the surburb itself, as such information changes rapidly while building locations remain static.


Pippen Auto Repair [43, 16]

  • One square from two PDs and a school.
  • Two squares from a hospital, a NecroTech building, and designated revive spot St Swithun's Church [45, 17].
  • Six squares from Bale Mall.


Ranahan Library [54, 21]

  • One square from a hospital, a PD, and a NecroTech building.
  • Two squares from Stickling Mall and another PD.
  • Three squares from a school.

East Becktown

Club Normandare [23, 39]

  • One square from two hospitals, a PD and a school.
  • Three squares from a NecroTech building.


The Brimblecombe Arms [62, 32]

  • One square from three hospitals.
  • Two squares from a PD and a Necrotech building.


Boniface Library [57, 45]

  • One square from two hospitals and a PD.
  • Two squares from a Necrotech building and a school.


Kirkby Building [65, 52]

  • One square from a PD.
  • Two squares from two hospitals.
  • Three squares from Hildebrand Mall and a Necrotech building.

Note: This suburb is pretty bad with regards to number of empty squares.