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Klexur's Characters


When I started playing UD, my namesake character was my only character. Since then I have created a second character and decided to follow two playing styles. Klexur is my dual-nature character and tends to be nomadic. Although not apart of any groups, yet, he will help local forces depending on his current alive/dead status.

Safyr is my pro-zombie anarchist and the only one I gave any thought to RP back story upon creation. Generally speaking Safyr categorizes others into one of two lists -- those that bother her or those that help her. Here is her only warning: If you attack, revive, or extract her DNA, don't be surprised when she attacks (and hopefully kills) you later.


Class: Military
Group: Nоne
Location: Roftwood
Status: Dead


Class: Zombie
Group: Nоne
Location: Roachtown
Status: Alive