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Koryr is a player within the game Urban Dead. He is best known for his role in defending Yagoton with The Abandoned. Before his time in Malton, he enjoyed short walks on the beach. These days he is far more occupied fighting the zombie scourge. His current position places him in the line of fire from both PK'ers and Anti-Abandoned personnel. He can often be found lounging at Thresh Grove School, leafing through any and all literature he can get his hands on. If pushed hard enough, he will admit to pervasive hopeless thoughts about a peaceful unification of zombie and human forces. Until then, he keeps all weapons locked and loaded. That's just the way it is. He knows that things will never be the same.


Koryr joined the military in January 2006, graduating basic in April of 2006. His unit (101st Airborne Unit) was deployed to the area of Malton two months later. Flying over the suburb of Millen Hills, his helicopter developed engine problems and went down. He was seperated from his unit and took shelter inside an abandoned warehouse for days. He killed his first Zombie after seven days of uncertainty. Instead of attempting to rejoin his unit, he has been fighting and defending the suburb of Yagoton with The Abandoned.




- Currently monitoring and broadcasting on 26.61 MHz and 26.03 Mhz.

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I play as several alternate characters, each with a different class / suburb / group affiliation.

Jay Electronica

-Awoke from Servatius General Hospital

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