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Casimir Calum Pulaski, (IPA2:kaˈʑimʲɛʂ puˈwaski, born 11 June 1959) is an Polish scientist, writer, professor and specialist in the field of Biology. Since April 2009, he is presumed to be trapped within the city of Malton.

Casimir Pulaski had been working for NecroTech for a few months, before the disturbances began and the government quarantined the city. Several NecroTech labs were kept open under military guard during the evacuation, including the building he'd been working in.

The decision was eventually made to relocate research operations to outside the quarantine zone. He remained in his building during the first weeks of evacuation, as part of the skeleton staff, but the military trucks eventually stopped coming to Kempsterbank. The last memo from NecroTech headquarters said that all remaining staff were expected to monitor the situation from the inside of the quarantine zone until further notice.

The Dobbs Building

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