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St. Swithun's Church

Heytown [79,33]

the Dymond Monument Windham Street Railway Station a carpark
Coomb Park St. Swithun's Church Runcieman Lane
Inder Library Jarnell Walk a cemetery

Basic Info:

  • Churches have no internal descriptions.
  • Church doors do not close but can be barricaded shut.
<center>Heytown Revivification Clinic News Flash
May 9, 2009
Mester Square currently has # revivification seekers.


St. Swithun's Church Revivification Point

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St. Swithun's Church (79, 33) is a Revive Point in north east Heytown located near the Craske Triangle, a few blocks north east of the Usher Building.

Groups actively reviving at St. Swithun's Church

Etiquette at the Revive Point

Rotter Policy

Random revives are NOT supported. Each zombie standing at the revive point will be DNA scanned and their profile checked to ensure they do not have Brain Rot nor belong to a known DNR (do not revive) list. Those with Brain Rot or on the DNR list are assumed to be blocking the revive point and will be shot repeatedly until dead.

Killing of zombies

The killing of zombies is NOT permitted at Mester Square with the exception of those that fit the criteria above. Any zombie standing in line at this location is a survivor who is waiting for a revive to return to the land of the living. Although it may seem like an easy way to gain XP, offenders will find themselves on a DNR list.

For Revivers: Please Read

If you are reviving someone at the Mester Square please, please make sure you DNA scan them first and check to see if their name is on a "Do Not Revive" list. the Mad Craskers DNR list can be found here, The Dribbling Beavers also maintain a large list on their forum pages. Also check their group (in their profile and on the Urban Dead Wiki to make sure they are not a member of a known PKer or zombie group.

People new to reviving have been known to revive members of known PK Groups and Zombie Groups as well as KOS people. Clearly, this is completely insane:

  • You just revived someone who is listed on the Do Not Revive list
  • They are now going to go out and either spy or cause a lot of trouble
  • You have just wasted a whole load of AP and a syringe on an unwanted revive
  • You have just denied a legitimate person a revive that would have been useful

Please check who you revive as bringing someone back to life has much bigger consequences than just gaining a few XP

Suggested Entry Point and Safe-house

The nearest Hospital is Cornelius General just three blocks east and one south of here at [80,36]. This is a designated entry point as is Club Swabey [78,35] and both are maintained at VSB+2.

As you are likely to be injured or even infected, Cornelius General Hospital is the best place to head for after returning to life as the Hospital staff there are well trained in First Aid, Diagnosis and Surgery and will ensure you are patched up in no time.

Historical Notes

The Mester Square wiki page was originally created by Einexile who kept a blog of Mester and the Craske Triangle. To preserve the history of Mester Square, his work can be found below.

Revive requests can be made at the Craske Triangle Blog. (Registration with Blogger or Google is not required.)

The blog hasn't been updated since Sunday, October 15, 2006.

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