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Holy shit I still have a wiki account I should probably make a user page

Kuroneko is just some guy who chose his stupid name based on the Japanese word for 'black cat'. Little did he know that a popular anime series also decided to name a popular character (holy shit, a black cat no less) by this very same name! Lucky for him, now everyone just assumes he's an animetard, which probably works out just as well since he was forced to go watch the whole show after the 472nd person asked him if he based his name on said anime.

He enjoys long walks on the beach pending said beach is actually a room full of video games (especially Guitar Hero) and said walk is actually setting the leather recliner he's being a lazy fuck in back 4 notches. He also enjoys generally being an asshole to anyone who isn't like him in some way. Kuroneko is getting annoyed at having to keep typing "him" and "he" due to how stupid Kuroneko sounds as a name in retrospect and will thus refer to himself by Matt, having no qualms about using his name on THE INTERNET since his mother was apparently extremely unimaginative and just picked one of the most popular names in the fucking world for her kid. Thanks, mom.

If you see Matt in game, you probably won't even notice him. That is, unless you're a faggot. Then you'll probably see him in your losg along the lines of "Kuroneko shot you in the back of the head with a shotgun, then tossed your body out the 8th floor of the building." Matt and his team of happy-go-lucky yet homicidal buddies only take out the stupid. Unfortunately for Malton, probably 98% of you are classified as stupid.

C'est la vie du Zerging

As I don't usually bother reading the wiki anymore, seeing as how it's just one large circlejerk of failing PKer groups and crappy in-game groups who subscribe to the wiki mentality of "If enough people say it's true, then it is" and as such hide behind all their text citing their false accomplishments in-game (easily disproven by anyone who actually plays, gg), I haven't bothered to update my super-awesome user page that so many people seem to want to discuss. However, thanks to a couple people who succeeded in redefining the term "moron", I'll make an exception.

I play three characters in the game. They were created long apart from each other, and all of them created probably before most of the people who play nowadays even knew the game existed. I originally created a character for fun, and quickly joined the infamous group The Many. This was fun and all, but being a zombie can be boring as shit. I thus created a second character a few weeks later, and decided it was much more fun to kill stupid people with bullets. This character has been (and still is) part of several PKer groups. Months later, being an asshole started to get boring, so I created a third character, bent on being benevolent. I used this character as a pacifist, reviving zombies, healing the weak, and generally being a nice guy.

Time goes by. The Many quiets down, I leave the game for a while. Years, to be exact. I gave my nice character's login info to my brother, since his reputation wasn't anything but good. My brother never got much into this game, but earned several levels before he quit. 2007 arrives. The moron population of Urban Dead is at an all time high. I decide to come back, along with several others. I take back control of all three characters and commence doing random shit again.

Apparently, playing multiple characters, even if suburbs away from each other, is zerging, Or so the whiners say. I'd like to pull up a quote direct from the page for the hard of reading. "To zerg is therefore to create alternate characters (also known as Alts) and coordinate them as if they were a single one. This practice is cheating in Urban Dead. UD includes automatic anti-zerging countermeasures. Zerg characters can be automatically penalised or deleted." Hmm, let's see. I don't play my characters as if they were one, sorry. They usually sit several suburbs away from each other, as per the rules, in fact. In 3 years, the total times there may have been instances where the characters have acted upon each other, in the form of revivifications and FAK usage, is about 5. Guess what? Sometimes different characters happen to walk by each other on rare occasions. If I see a zombie on my third character, I'll revive it, regardless of who it belongs to.*

"The FAQ states that characters found to be cooperating "in a suspicious fashion" will be automatically penalised or banned by the system. Characters from the same IP in close proximity (details deliberately not released) suffer penalties in combat, in using First aid kits, and in search percentages." Oh shit, look! Anti-zerging measures! Seeing as how I've rarely ever had bad search rates, never had a FAK penalty, and haven't had any of my characters banned in 3 years, it's pretty obvious the system doesn't agree with you. Idiots. My characters, as specified by the rules, remain in different suburbs, and on rare occasions just might happen to cross paths. It's a small city.

When people play multiple characters, it's impossible to never use the knowledge from one to aid another, regardless of how hard you try. Anyone who plays multiple characters in different groups will find it impossible to not know the knowledge gained from being one character while playing another. Sometimes, unfortunately, this knowledge indirectly benefits the player. It can't be helped and has no solution apart from limiting every player to only one character. 50 AP only takes 10-15 minutes at the most per day to expend. Playing 3 characters allows me to triple that short time for my enjoyment of this game.

I don't log in from different IPs or anything. I'm more than happy to use my 160 hits over three characters, as the rules state. I have nothing to hide. All three of my characters even virtually share the same fucking name, you idiots. If I was so intent on breaking the rules, I would have made 3 characters named completely different, and been more than happy to use them all at once to accomplish kills or something. None of my characters have EVER performed actions on the same person within a close span of time, ever. I've never attacked a person and finished it with another character. My names are nearly identical, you've got to be fucking stupid if you think someone would break the rules that obviously.

Feel free to continue to try and spew your accusations, morons of Malton. I'm perfectly free to play 3 characters, whether you like it or not. And unlike your zerging asses, I don't use them together to kill people that I can't handle solo. My PKer and my zombie are both more than capable of killing several people in one day without any assistance. My third character remains a saint, and still doesn't kill people without provocation, despite being killed for no reason. All 3 of them are in different suburbs. Maybe you guys should up your IQ a few notches, and try and read what zerging entails a bit better, and avoid looking like a fucking retard.

Stop shitting up my talk page. From this point out, any post made on it that reeks of an IQ of less than 80 will be promptly deleted. Stick to my talk page preformatted headers, keep your insults intelligent, and maybe they'll stick around. More to come!

*Unless it belongs to the coward Headless Gunner, who spent the majority of the time I saw him in game lying on the ground as a dead body outside of buildings, most likely due to self-hurling from a building in order to escape the constant bullet stream packed into his anus every time he even thought about being alive in Shearbank~

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