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NOTE: This is not my page, and most of the suggestions aren't mine. It's just a mock-up of my idea of giving each suggestion it's own separte sub-page to critique it, thus leaving the main page clean.

From the Urban Dead FAQ:-

Q.Can I send you some ideas?

A.Thanks, but I've got more than enough ideas - the gaps between features are because I don't have the time to implement them, not because I'm sat here trying to think of something. I've watched the same zombie films that you have; it isn't particularly useful to have people telling me that helicopters and abandoned cars and infectious bites would be cool.

Elegant implementations of ideas might be taken up or used as raw material, though - the best place to communicate these ideas to me would be through the peer-reviewed Suggestions page of the Urban Dead Wiki.--Kevan

This page is for suggestions to add to Urban Dead in the future. As you can see below, there are different sections for different suggestions. Add your suggestion in the appropriate section, being sure to add only the suggestion name, and a single sentence describing the specific in game effects of the suggestion. Do not add any justifications or discussion of it on the main page. Make your suggestion name a link to a sub-page.

Suggestions for Making Suggestions

  1. Determine if your suggestion falls within an existing topic area, then locate your suggestion appropriately. This page is for general suggestions in topics that are general or have not yet been broken out.
  2. Add to the existing skills trees. Do not put new skill ideas wherever you want. Use italics to distinguish suggested skills from the ones currently in the game.
  3. Voice your opinion on entries (keep or kill) on the linked talk page for that suggestion.
  4. Humans do not need any more help against the zombies. Restrict human suggestions to skills and objects that would make the game more interesting to play, rather than just to increase the humans' ability to fight the undead.
  5. Take care to read the guidelines, follow the formatting and pay attention to your spelling and grammar.

What Makes A Good Suggestion?

  1. Simplicity. Look carefully at the existing skills and actions -- building a barricade, reloading ammo, attacking a human, identifying the wounded, and so on are all very simple. In general, good 'actions' are single-step commands that succeed or fail for a player, not complex multi-stage processes. In general, good skills simply alter the chances of a given action succeding, or modify the results (1 additional point of damage, etc).
  2. Feasibility. Only Kevan can say what features are easiest to implement, but some are clearly easier than others. Look at the existing Urban Dead interface and ask, 'would it have to change dramatically to support this feature?' Cars that move 5 blocks per AP, for example, would require redesigning the interface to display a 10x10 grid rather than a 3x3 grid. That's probably not going to happen.
  3. Balance. Humans and Zombies are locked in combat -- for the game to continue, they have to be relatively balanced. Before suggesting a new feature for one or the other, ask: how will this change the balance of the game? At present, humans outnumber zombies 3 to 1. New human skills will only make that worse. That may change in the future, but remember: any new skill has the 'potential' to tilt the game until one side or the other is too frustrated to play.

General Ideas

These are ideas which many, many people have suggested. Please read this list before submitting a suggestion; you may find your idea has already been considered. Don't actually add suggestions here, as this area is for ideas that tons of people have already put forward.

  • /Level Up Button - This button spends any free Xp. Cost 100 Xp per use, and increases you max Hp by 5 each 5 uses.
  • /Environment Notifications - The "since your last turn" information to include things you would notice, such as "Someone has weakened the barricade from outside/inside", "You see Clairvius Narcisse leave the building from a high window", "You see Stikman hit the zombie with a shotgun".
  • /Dragging Bodies - Dragging bodies to new squares, at an AP cost reflecting the effort involved.
  • /Multiple Consecutive Actions - Allow multiple actions from 1 refresh (e.g. "search 20 times" or "attack the zombie until it dies or 10 AP are used") which count as multiple IP hits.
  • /Community Newspaper - A survivor community newspaper which could be found at police stations, fire departments and hospitals, edited daily.
  • /Kill Count- Something that tells you how many humans or zombies you've killed.
  • /Natural Heal-Every time the IP server resets Humans and zombies alike should gain 1 HP.
  • /Watch- An item that tells the current in-game time.

New Skill Trees

Skills listed in Italic text are suggestions; all others presently exist in the game. If you dislike a skill, place a recommendation for it to be deleted in Keep/Kill Discussion. If you feel a skill needs changing, use Suggestion Debate to argue your case. Do not delete any suggested skills outright.

Military Skill Tree

  • Basic Firearm Training - See Combat Suggestions.
  • Hand To Hand Combat - See Combat Suggestions.
    • Kung Fu - Extra 2 Damage and 10% Bounus to hit with punch attack.
      • Black belt 15% bonus to hit, 2 extra damage with punch attack.
        • Martial Storm Attacks Target 2 times for one AP, punch only.
  • Free Running - Player can move from one building to an adjacent one without expending extra AP to enter it. Bypasses barricades which would otherwise prevent entrance. The Scout begins with this skill.
    • Basic Reconnaissance - For 1AP, you can "scout out" a building from the outside, giving you a chance of being able to tell what's inside without entering. However, what information you get is vague ("There are many zombies within.") compared to what you could get if you were inside the building.
    • Lie Low - Player has a 45% chance of not showing up on the namelist when outside.
      • Concealment - Player has a 70% chance of not showing up on the namelist when outside.
  • Call to Arms - When player uses a flare gun, all military characters recieve a modified version of the flare gun message. If they enter that square within 24 hours, they get an XP bonus on the first attack they carry out within that square.
  • Observant - Will double (or x1.5, or any multiple you care to name) the user's chances at finding anything with a search, anywhere. (Searching is a very common activity, thus there should be some way to make it easier. Possibly this should be higher up in a tree or a zombie hunter skill or some other mechanism to stop it from being learned early.)

Scientific Skill Tree

  • NecroTech Employment - Player is able to operate DNA Extractors, and can identify NecroTech offices from the street. Starting skill for the NecroTech Lab Assistant class.
    • Lab Experience - Can recognise and operate basic-level NecroTech equipment. Currently needed for revivification.
      • Lab Technician - Player is 25% more likely to find a NecroTech syringes when searching a NecroTech building.
      • Recognition - Player is able to recognize Zombies with "Brain Rot" and will therefore only choose zombies without that skill for revivification
      • Communications - Can operate portable datacomm equipment. If player has security clearance and an actual comm unit, they can receive security data on the go, not just in NecroTech buildings.
    • Security Clearance Alpha - in NecroTech buildings the player can receive info on the number of zombies tagged in the same suburb the past 24 hours. Data could be in the form of "In this area, 33 specimens have been tagged the past 24-hour period". This data is exactly as good and as up-to-date as the DNA tagging done by players in the area.
      • Security Clearance Beta - Same as Alpha, but you get the tagged data plus the number of revivified specimens listed separately. Note that there is zero guarantee that either number is related to the number of zombies actually present.
        • Security Clearance Gamma - Same as Beta, but you get the number of tagged specimens and the number of revivified specimens for each of the surrounding eight suburbs as well. Again note that the numbers are not how many zombies there are, but only how many have been tagged or revivified during the past 24 hours.
    • Vaccination - Nanobots in the character's bloodstream prevent wounds from becoming infected. Lasts for 200 AP, then must be renewed. 1 XP awarded per vaccination given.
  • First Aid - Player is able to heal an extra +5HP when using a first-aid kit. Starting skill for the Medic and Doctor classes.
    • General Practitioner - Player is +10% more likely to find medical supplies in a Hospital.
      • ER Experience - Player is +10% more likely to find medical supplies in a Hospital.
    • Field Surgery - Player can use a medikit twice before it is used up.
  • Diagnosis - The HP values of nearby survivors are displayed next to their name.
    • Analysis - The condition of nearby survivors are displayed. Additionally, characters in the surrounding 8 squares have their names colored to reflect their HP level.
    • Prognosis - Represents the exposure of the player to the urban dead environnement hence their ability to recognize when another player has an infected bite wound by displaying the hp next to names in red. This places more priority on healing them over other players and helps those who want to play IC.
    • Advanced Diagnosis - The Maximum HP of nearby survivors is displayed next to their name, in addition to their current HP.
  • Postmortem Examination - Player is able to carry out autopsies on dead bodies. Gives class and skill information about the body. Gives 5XP (or less, maybe). The same body cannot be autopsied twice by the same user on the same day. Coupled with a datacom and the Communications skill, would make the number of bodies autopsied in the area available to anyone with security class Alpha or higher. Might make it harder (15AP?) for the body to rise. Requires a knife.

Civilian Skill Tree

  • Shopping - Player may choose which stores to loot, when searching a mall. The Consumer class starts with this skill.
    • Bargain Hunting - Player is 25% more likely to find something when searching a mall.
  • Body Building - Player has a maximum of 60 Hit Points instead of 50.
    • Athletic Prowess - An extra +10% to hit with all melee weapons (except the axe).
    • Weight Training - An extra point of damage is dealt when using any melee weapon.
    • Drag Body - Player can drag corpses to an adjacent square.
    • Endurance - Player is able to use 10 additional AP after reach 0, however, these extra AP will cause the player to have negative APs.
  • Tagging - Player's spraycans last longer. XP bonuses are awarded for tagging certain buildings.
  • Construction - Player is able to barricade buildings. Player can also repair fences.
    • Blockade - Player can build blockcades. [Blockades are the same as barricades, except they can be built anywhere without a building, and each edge of a square needs to be blockaded individually. Note: You cannot blockade a building from the inside unless it is a multi-squared building. Blockades that are built very strongly or lower can be gotten over by all survivors, any blockades that are built heavily or higher need free running to get over, like barricades.]
    • Architecture - Player can build barricades twice as effectively.
      • Improved Construction - (Further augmentation of "Architecture")Players can build stronger, improved barricades based on level. Improved Construction would require additional AP (2 AP per use), and might require special materials. -Tarumigan
  • Welding - You need a Toolbox and Spare Parts. you can Put Bolts and Nails in the Barricade, thus making it Stronger. Zombies require 1 Extra AP to attack it.
    • Lock Picking - Player can can enter barricaded buildings without any extra ap or entering near buildings as a survivor. Zombies with this skill will be able to bypass light barricades.
  • Study - After maximum AP is reached, player gains experience at the rate of 1 XP every four hours. Player can also gain an additional 2 XP when reading a book.
  • Scavenging - Player gets the option to search dead bodies. Has a 10% chance for each body of taking a random item from it.
  • Animal Taming - Gives 30% chance to tame a dog (or other animal) upon finding one. The opportunity to tame a dog shows up in searches, the player gets one shot to tame if they have the skill then the dog is gone.
  • Electronics - Player is able to start vehicles & machines from vires with toolkit and control them.
    • Repairing - Player can fix broken machines and vehicles with spare parts & toolkit.
  • Breathing Exercises - Works for both humans and zombies; allows players to speak six times per hour without use of an AP point (Useful for increasing the sense of atmosphere ingame).
  • Charisma - Humans in the same square as the player have a chance at extra XP for every action that would normally give them XP. If the player dies, every player in the room loses a certain amount of XP. Charisma doesn't stack (i.e. no additional bonus for multiple characters with this skill. Zombies can sense the charismatic player in the room, and if necessary for game balance might even get extra XP from hitting this player. Rationale: this simulates how in real-life the combat-specialized people would try to protect a VIP or a helpless little kid from the zombies.
  • Summon Zombies - Works like the Call to Arms skill I proposed above, but for zombies. Intended for people playing cultist characters, and can continue to be used when a character dies and rises as a zombie.
  • Observation - Instead of being able to see a 3x3 area, the player can see a 5x5 region. Possible server load problems? --Uborkapete 23:02, 1 Oct 2005 (BST)
  • Sleepless - When you Lose all your AP, You Dont Go to Sleep. Can also be Called "Restless."
  • Sanctuary - For 10AP, player can use a crucifix to ask for protection, making himself invisible for zombies until his next action.
    • Faith - When inside a church, player can use crucifix to attack zombies, making them blind until they leave the church (or unable to do anything but leaving, or causing it massive damage). --well, the crucifix has no use up till now, right? Monstah 21:28, 13 Oct 2005 (BST)

Zombie Skill Tree

  • Scent Fear - Survivors with fewer than 25 HP are shown as 'wounded' in room descriptions, and asterisked on the map.
    • Scent Blood - The HP values of nearby survivors are displayed next to their name.
      • Scent Life - Zombie can detect Zombie Hunters disguised as dead bodies.
    • Scent Trail - Zombie is able to sense the new positions of survivors it's had recent contact with.
      • Scent Trace - If you are standing at a building a message appears in the building description saying "The delicious stench of human meat is overwhelming/strong/weak/faint" or similar. The message depends on how many humans are in the building, and how heavy the barricades are. An extremely heavily barricaded building with many people may show up as "weak", but a building with few people and no barricades would show up as "strong".
    • Scent Death - Zombie is able to sense its fellows. A message is displayed, such as "You can smell a mass of decay 5 blocks north" or similar.
  • Digestion - Whenever the zombie deals bite damage, it gains HP equal to the damage dealt.
    • Infectious Bite - Bitten survivors become infected and lose 1HP per action until cured.
      • Contagious Bite - Bitten survivors become carriers. Every AP spent by a survivor in the presence of a carrier gives them a 10% chance of becoming infected as per normal. This includes the carrier. (Thus giving a random incubation time as well)
      • Brain Bite - If you kill a survivor with a bite attack they lose 10 XP for every level they had.
      • Death Stench - Zombie can choose to emit a foul stench which stays in the same block. It disappears only after either 24 hours has elapsed or 10 AP has been spent in the block. Every AP spent by a human in said cloud would have a 10% chance of becoming infected and a 50% chance of taking 1 damage. Effect DOES NOT stack. So if 5 stenches were in one square then there would still be a 10% chance of infection and 50% chance of taking 1 damage. Using this ability in an already stenched block would NOT reset the timers or extend them, the user would simply be told, "There is already a stench here".
    • See also Combat Suggestions.
    • Carrion Feast - Zombies can feed on dead bodies to gain a random amount of HP ranging from 1-10. Bodies would not actually be damaged or destroyed, just viciously chewed on. If zombie happens to chew on a dead body that's actually a Zombie Hunter or another zombie in disguise, the disguise stops working and the zombie/zombie hunter is revealed.
    • Hunger of the Dead - Zombies can feed on the corpse of a Human they just killed in order to make Reviving more difficult. The Zombie feeds on the corpse they just killed and causes so much damage to the body that when a Necrotech Employee attempts to revive the recently killed Zombie, there is a 10-30% chance of failure. This would work similarly to Headshot where the attack is automatic upon killing a Human PC. This skill will not work on other Zombies.
    • Grim Renewal - The Zombie can regenerate, and regains 3 health every time it gains an AP (i.e. 3 hp every half hour).
  • Vigour Mortis - See Combat Suggestions.
  • Memories of Life - Zombie is able to open doors to buildings.
    • See also Combat Suggestions.
    • Death Rattle - Zombie is able to communicate through a limited, groaned form of speech.
      • Will to Live - Zombie's mind is not effected by undeath to the extent of the others, and it is aware enough of its own condition to be horrified by what it has become. Zombies with the Will to Live lose all offensive capabilities, but are able to bypass building barricades up to the level of survivors (they are desperatly seeking treatment and their attachment to life prevents them from harming the living). Such Zombies would be marked differently (possibly as 'Victim' or simply 'Undead') and could still be attacked by survivors or other Zombies. Zombies that had NT experience in life can still recognize the buildings from the street. The presence of a Zombie with the Will to Live in an NT building moves anyone with Lab Experience to pity, and gives them +30% to find a NT syringe and treat the pitiful creature.
      • Rattle and Some - The zombie can understand and be understood by all zombies who have Death Rattle. Such communications are not garbled, and are treated as human speach. (This may require some serious interface programing, as the same message would appear diffrently, depending on the listener.)
      • Hunger Howl - Zombie can yell out and be heard many blocks away, like a living flare gun.
    • Memories of Fire - Zombie has a low chance of setting a building on fire. Survivors inside of building loose HP if they take action inside of building. Barricades are weakened. How? Zombies knock over gasoline cans or tear electrical wires, starting a fire.
    • Sleepless Watching - Building barricades gain +10% chance to fail for every 10 zombies in the area.
    • Restless - If interacted with in any way (including healing or DNA extraction) when the player is logged out/brain is shut down, the zombie will take one swipe (random attack type) at the opponent. This is a pure reflex move and does not cost AP on one hand, but a hit gives no XP either on the other.
  • Lurching Gait - Zombie can walk as fast as the living.
    • See also Combat Suggestions.
    • Ankle Grab: Zombie only spends 1AP standing up.
    • Runner - Running Zombie (per 28 Days Later | modern Dawn of the Dead). For every two consecutive squares moved, Zombie can move one additional consecutive square without spending an Action Point. --Squashua 02:30, 27 Sep 2005 (EST)
    • Corpse Slam - Zombie can do double damage to a barrier at the cost of 1 hp per successful attack.
    • Last Grab - Gives a 10% chance of a survivor spending an additional AP to leave the area the zombie is in.
  • Brain Rot - Zombie can never be revivified, and is harder to DNA-scan.
    • Hollow Skull - Immune to Headshot, but needs an extra 50XP to purchase any new skill.
    • Death Trap - When zombie dies, and is attempted to be revived, there is a 50% chance of a 10HP attack.
    • Putrefaction - When zombie is killed its bodily fluids spray out, giving every survivor in the square a 30% chance of becoming infected (50% if killed with shotgun)
    • Deathly Torpor - Zombie can fake being a dead body for 10 AP. Alternate Skill Name(s): "Putrescent Possum", "Rigid Repose", "Stultifying Ennui", "Not Dead", "Faux Dead", "Trompe L'Dead", "Necrotic Nap" "Adulterated Slumber", "Disambulation", "Cadaverous Crouch", "Dead Sleep", "Veil of Death", "Death Mask", "Spiritless Rest", "Grave Masquerade", "Feign Death", "Death Unnotice", "Prematurely Dead", "Feignt", "Shambulate", "Pining for the Fjords".
    • Thick Skull - Headshots only take away 5XP per zombie level above the first instead of 10. --Stygian Inquirer 14:18, 14 Oct 2005 (EST)
  • Shadow Lurk - Zombie can hide in a building or graveyard and has the element of surprise. The zombie is not revealed until it attacks unless discovered. 50% possibility of being revealed by a flashlight. 50% possibility of being revealed by a dog. 10% possiblity of being revealed by an ordinary search.
  • Mutation Skill Tree. See separate page. These skills were revivified from the cold storage of version control.
  • Amass Horde - All nearby zombies (say, at most 5 blocks away) get a message saying they feel drawn towards the calling zombie's block, and may (randomly) take an involuntary step towards it. Nearby dead bodies (at most 2 blocks away) have a chance of being reanimated as zombies. Only available for zombies of level 10 or higher.
  • Offal Slick - Allows Zombies to cover floors of occupied buildings with blood and guts, for 5AP. Causes all non-Zombies to act clumsily while doing anything; all actions by survivors cost an extra 1AP. Also jams the doors open. Offal Slick can only be removed by survivors with "construction".
  • Mob Mentality - For each zombie within 1 square of a zombie with this skill [whether they have Mob Mentality or not] the zombie gains a 5% to hit with any attack to a maximum of 70%.
    • Power to the Horde - For each 5 zombies on the same square as the zombie with this skill, the zombie gains 1 damage to all his attacks, to a maximum of 8 for Bite, and 5 for all other weapons.

Zombie Hunter Skill Tree

  • See also Combat Suggestions.
  • Headshot - If you kill a zombie, it loses 10 XP for each level it had beyond the first. It retains its skills.
    • Deadly Accuracy - If you kill a zombie, it loses 15 XP for each level it had. It retains its skills.
    • And STAY Down... - Only available to players of level 12+. When you kill a zombie,you have an option of expending a further 2 [AP] to cause further trauma to the brain. The zombie requires 20 AP to stand up (or 10 if it has the Ankle Grab skill) immediately after this skill is employed on them. This does not effect zombies with the Brain Rot skill.
    • Dead Reckoning - Only available to players of Level 15 or above. Player has enough experience to recognise the most degenerated zombies, and automatically aims at the zombie with the lowest HP in any given group..
  • Dead Calm - Player requires no additional AP to move out of buildings infested with zombies.
  • Cadaver Camouflage - Player can fake being a dead body for 10 AP.
  • Death Sense - Player can sniff out zombies. A message is displayed, such as "You can smell a mass of decay 5 blocks north" or similar.
  • Calm Nerves - Player gets a +10% to hit (ranged or melee attacks) against zombies for the 10 AP following drinking an alcoholic beverage of any kind. (cannot be used cumulatively, possibly give a negative if more than one drink is taken inside of 10 AP)
  • Sneak attack - When you go into a Square with another Zombie, There is a 15% Of Hitting it Instantly.
  • Shield of the Dead - When you are in a Square with Zombie/s, and there is a Dead body, you can Pick it up For a 30% To block over 4 Dmg. However, there is a 5% Chance you are Infected. you can Drop the Body and Pick it up at any time.
  • Flash of Blades - A Zombie hunter with this skill can utilize a knife to devastating effect, directing an assult not towards a zombie but its protective covering. Flak Jackets for the living.

Suggestion: An actual skill tree system

/Skill Tree System - Where getting one set of skills precludes you from getting others.

/Temporary Skills

Skills that you can buy with XP, but would only provide a temporary bonus.


  • /Adrenaline- Player recieves quickened movement (reduced AP to move), and better reflexes (can better avoid attacks), but suffers a penalty to their hit percentage due to inability to remain steady.
  • Focus- Player enters into a state of intense focus. All attacks do double damage and have +10% to hit however all moves cost double AP including walking. Lasts for 24 hours.
  • /Terrified Madness- Player becomes ovewhelmed with fear. They receive the ability to scurry their way into more highly barricaded buidings, but are too terrified to attack or heal themselves for the duration of the effect. (maybe also alters speech by adding stuttering)


  • /Blood Lust- The craving for flesh overtakes the zombie, driving them mad with blood lust. They receive the ability to tear down barricades with slightly increased efficiency, but at double the AP.
  • /VooDoo Needle- Revivification syringe's needle left inside your rotting corpse becomes a sort of compass that points toward the largest concentration of humans within a specified radius. "The needle swings to the north."
  • /Death Craze- Activates next time the zombie kills/hurts a human. Gives +2 damage and +15% to hit to all attacks however zombie is too crazed to move. Effect ends when zombie dies or moves to a different square."
  • /Sense Pain- Lasts for 24 hours. Zombie can sense when a human gets hurt. Any humans attacked within a 10 block radius is shown as "You sense great pain 2 blocks south, 1 block north.""

New Items


See Combat Suggestions.


  • Megaphone - When used, anything the player says can be heard up to five blocks away. However, it appears as "A distant, distorted voice says" instead of the player's name. Megaphones can be found in Police Departments, Fire Departments, and Malls. Does not work indoors. Non-disposable. Creates new action block for "Shout".
  • Portable Comm Unit - Found only in NecroTech buildings. Allows a player with the "communications" skill to receive information anywhere that would otherwise only be available in NecroTech offices (this would be the "Security Clearance" info).
  • Radios - Broadcast a message to all Radios within the 5x5 block centered around the broadcasting radio.
Anyone in a location with a Radio will hear the message, including zombies. There's no volume control or private messages. Radios can be dropped on the ground and left there, or potentially attached to certain buildings for anyone to use (such as tall buildings like Towers).
  • /Laptop - Laptop computer that allows you to send/receive email. You can email other players on your contact list, also later on e-mail addresses for entities outside Malton may appear (allowing for missions, quests etc). 1 AP to send / read an email.

Movement Devices or Restrictors

Please see the page Hindered Movement for these suggestions.

Please also see the PublicTransporation_Suggestion for review.

Other Items

  • Food - Used to stave off starvation from 'Hunger Alternative' in Survivors. Also heals 1HP. (if this is implemented, maybe beer and wine could count as a 'liquid meal' IF the drink successfully heals an HP?) Should be found in Arms, Buildings, Cinemas, Hospitals, Hotels, Malls, Mansions, Necrotech Buildings, Schools, Stadiums, Towers, and Warehouses. Basically, anywhere food can be sold for profit, or where people lived. The forts do not have food because, frankly MREs aren't edible. --Juntzing 06:25, 8 Oct 2005 (BST)
  • Flash Light - Increases possibility of finding items (and maybe people in some sort of hiding) by 10%. Runs out of battery power.
Seconded! This and the wire fencing are the best here. --Jim Bubba 00:02, 3 Oct 2005 (BST)
  • Riot Shield - 20% of melee attacks are blocked (negated) by the shield. Player is unable to use shotguns or fire axes.
  • Barbed Wire - Can be put up in addition to a barricade. Injures those entering without the use of Free Running and Zombies who attack the barricade. Using wirecutters in or outside a building where barbed wire has been laid destroys the wire.
  • Dog - Increases possibility of finding items by 10%, can detect zombies inside buildings and hidden/wounded people. Dogs leave upon your death as you are now a corpse. Can only be found on open streets.
- To balance the Dog benefits, maybe if you are killed, it chews on your body a bit (causes damage) before it leaves. Gruesome, but balancing. ;) -- Flan 21:39, 12 Oct 2005 (BST)
- It would be nice, too, if there was something like a Stray Dog that could take/ward off damage for you when you are "asleep." Zombie animals could exist, too. A Zombie Rat? :) -- Flan 21:39, 12 Oct 2005 (BST)
  • Toolkit - Is used to fix or use machines and vehicles with skills Electronics and/or Repairing. Can be found from factories and auto repair shops.
  • Spare Parts - Is needed to fix things with the use of a Toolkit and skill Repairing. One use only. Can be found from factories, auto repair shops and junkyards.
  • Wire Fencing - Found at the Hardware Store, Lets survivors re-fence the Junkyards, Requires Wire Cutters.
  • Metal Detector - Adds +25% chance to finding pistols, shotguns, knives, or pistol clips in a search. Costs 2 AP to use.
  • Dynamite - Can be used to severely damage barricades..
  • Stimulants - found in hospitals and malls. Gives an immediate boost of 5-10 AP. The downside: they are addictive. If a player takes too many stimulants in too short a time, they get addicted. The addicted players have a 70% chance of losing an XP every time an AP is spent. This is stopped temporarily by taking more stimulants. The withdrawal symptoms stop only after 3 days of non-use of stimulants. The point is that while the stimulants are a very powerful item, using them runs the risk of losing massive quantities of XP or having to spend most of your time looking for stimulants to feed your addiction.
Perhaps instead of 3 days, you can cold turkey them after 150 AP usage from the onset of withdrawal symptoms (and allow the XP loss to pull you into the negatives IF your XP tank during the withdrawal period -- otherwise it's too easy to overcome; simply barricade yourself in as Heavy a barricade as can be built and not play for three days OR time Withdrawal to right after you spent all XP. This way, breaking addiction requires you to be active during the risk period of XP loss. --Juntzing 06:25, 8 Oct 2005 (BST)
  • Rope - You can Tie Dead Bodies up, if there are more than one. They will have to attack the Rope until it brakes *Which is 30 HP for the Rope*
  • Duct Tape and Magic Marker - with both items, you could write messages on the duct tape and put the duct tape on your body for messages that would persist after you were killed, e.g. "please revive me"

Interface Ideas

  • IP hit counter - A small counter that displays how many hits your IP had when you loaded the current page, instead of just a warning for the final 10 hits.
  • Scrolling History - Instead of wiping out everything that happened in the room since your last action each time you act or reload the page, why not just wrap it in a div with an overflow:scroll style specified? This would allow you to refer to things people have said earlier without filling up the screen with conversation. In fact, for particularly chatty rooms, it would result in less screen clutter than the current interface behavior. This could be implemented as a sort of fifo buffer where the oldest messages expire first, keeping the list of messages to a reasonable size. Maybe messages could have a priority where it would remove flare-fired messages before hit/healed messages.

I hadn't come with a name for this one, - such as the contact list but for in-game comunication with the cellphone with your squad members

  • Emotes - Direct analogue of emote commands in various chat/IM applications. To enhance roleplaying.
  • Share Contacts - When a player says "/share" it would provide other users with a link to their contacts list.
  • Whisper - Players can whisper messages that cannot be read by other players in the area.
  • Let users specify the timezone as part of their preferences, so timestamps for events and talk make sense without having to mentally recompute from GMT all the time.
  • When a building is Heavily barricaded, a character inside without Free Running can't leave by pressing the Leave Building button; the game informs you that it's too heavily barricaded. However, by clicking on an adjacent square, the character can leave with no problem.
The issue here is that this ability is not visible, and a character can be trapped for days due simply to the player not being aware that these ways of leaving actually differ. I suggest that this be rectified so all means of leaving are treated equal. Either you're always able to leave by clicking "Leave Building" (the motivation being that it's always feasible to find or finesse some way from the inside), or you aren't able to leave in either way (and we may need some way for trapped characters to deal with it, especially if hunger is implemented).JanneM 15:50, 18 Sep 2005 (BST)
I consider the above problem a bug.--McGrude 01:45, 7 Oct 2005 (BST)
  • It takes from 1-3 AP to leave a building varying on the strength level of the barricade it has since it takes extra AP to leave with free running anyways and being trapped is no fun.
  • Peek in/out - Allows players, both zombies and survivors, to peek in and out of buildings. This will let you know if there is anybody inside or directly outside a building, although not the full numbers.--Elena 09:07, 25 Sep 2005 (BST)
  • Time left - When you reach your ip limit per day, why not give a time or counter that states when you can once again log in. Ie you have X time left, or you can log in again at XX:XX. Seems like a good idea to me --Evil Ernie SSK 00:05, 29 Sep 2005 (BST)

  • Statistics - record and display character statistics; zombie/human kills, damage caused, HP healed, number of people healed etc. --terryintransit
  • need code to prevent adding someone twice to your contact list.
  • Allow player to see where they are when AP have run out. With the the most recent update it merely says "you are exhausted and can go no further" and does not draw the map or any information about the building/block you are in. I can understand the reasoning behind this, to keep players from refreshing to watch for Zombies (or whatever) while they are out of AP. HOWEVER sometimes a survivor uses that last move to enter a barricaded building, or freerun into a nearby building, and with this new method you have no way of knowing if you were successful getting inside or not. At the very least it should give you the message of what you did/accomplished with your last move before running out of AP... --Delphius

/Mission Ideas

  • Escape! - The main page suggests the military IS trying to evacuate civilians; why not let them help you? You can either try to get to several aboveground extraction points (possibly fighting your way past mission-spawned zombies and/or zealot survivors/military personnel). Alternatively, drop down into the sewers (perhaps accessed behind the desks of all those NecroTech buildings?) and fight through a little instanced area (zombie rats, alligators, et cetera) to get out. Upon safely making it out, your character is entered into a Hall of Fame/Top Ten-ish roster. This is essentially just something to do to "retire" the character.
  • "Convoy" mission - All survivors that are in a particular pre-announced square of the map at a particular pre-announced time are flagged as being members of the convoy. If they make it to another pre-announced square of the map and remain there until another pre-announced time, they get a certain amount of experience points and the flag is removed. Until then, zombies get extra experience for attacking convoy players. Backstory: the military is organizing a convoy of scientists and civilians to evacuate them from point A to point B. Technical implementation: assuming you have MySQL at the back end, you just do an 'alter table' to insert a binary field and then set that field to 1 'where coordinates = "x"' at a particular time. Then you add to the XP field 'where coordinates = "x" AND convoy = "1"' at the later time.
  • "Hold the Fort" mission - Similar to above, but point A and point B coincide.
    • As an addition maybe players, both zombie and human, in that suburb will hear a suburb wide message broadcast a few days before the event. Humans will be given a few extra day notice so they can prepare. If there are still humans alive inside the fort or mall at the end of time then humans will get bonus XP and vice versa.
  • "Supply Drop" mission - Survivors just get rewarded for being at point A at a given time by having a random amount of First Aid Kits and ammunition getting added to each one's inventory.
  • "Hunter Hunted" mission - Survivors must kill X number of zombies within the suburb before a deadline expires. Conversely, zombies in the same suburb must kill X number of humans before that deadline expires. XP is based on how much damage you did during the time, with bonuses for kills.
  • "Treasure Hunt" mission - Survivors are informed that there is a special cache of items within a specific suburb, in a specific building. The problem is, they don't know which building except for a certain clue which was given. Graffiti would help point the way, but it could be sprayed over by whoever gets there first. First one to reach the target building gets XP or items.
  • "Bounty Hunt" mission - The mission starts at a certain building. The first player to depart the building, kill X number of targets, and return to the building gets the prize (could be XP or items).
  • King of the Hill - Ever play Planetside? As I see it the game needs some kind of winning condition, a goal shared by all players, human and zombie alike. Perhaps the goal that makes the most sense is in the description of the game itself "Fighting for control of an infested city".
    • For the humans you could include backstory such as "The military at large is willing to send relief/rescue, but only if they are sure that there are survivors enough to warrant thier effort." Each suburb could have a control centre, and each faction can "Own" the suburb. There should probably be an action that needs to occur in the control centre for the faction to own the suburb. Perhaps a signal tower can be erected in each control centre. Make it like a baracade, in that people need to use the contruction skill to complete it, and need to use it frequently (10% per sucess maybe?) then you need a someone with Nanotech skills to hook a beacon to the tower (DNA extractor maybe, loses the extractor) Then the tower needs to transmit for x amount of time (24 hours? 12 hours?) At the begining of the contruction you could tag everyone in the suburb to gain experience if at the end of the time the construction is a success. The other human objective would be to stop the zombies by repairing the leaks (see next section) to make suburb neutral again.
    • For the zombies it could be something more sinister. Perhaps they sense that whatever causes them to rise as undead can be found in the control center. By tearing at a vat (maybe 1000+ damage to encourage massive teamwork) they can put it in an unstable condition, which triggers a self destruct sequence (say 12 -24 hours, same as after contructing the tower) After which the vat starts leaking the pathogen. Zombies in the suburb when the vat first got attacked get exp bonus (like the humans did) and other advantages may be gained (regeneration while in suburb to help for defense? Damage resistance? Increased max health? etc) Also the secondary objective would be to tear down those blasted signal towers.
      • Obviously some things would need to be put into effect (a city map for example reflecting the controlled status of the city, control centres in each suburb, etc etc.)
      • I also propose that we take it one step further and proclaim that either if the city is completely controlled (doesn't seem likely) or if a percentage of the city (75%?)remains under one faction or the other for a specified amount of time, that victory conditions are met, and one of the two factions wins. Upon winning you should add some cosmetic or actual bonuses. Appending a "badge" to the winning side that everyone could see, or perhaps awarding a special skill useable for next round, put winners names in a website to congradulate etc.
      • I think this would accomplish alot, including better teamwork (you'd have to to have a chance of winning), more of a sense of duty (with a common goal more people would see the point of playing), greater strategy (guilds on both sides would organise strikes, keep track of the enemy, etc), the battles would be more epic (with a clear place you HAVE to defend or HAVE to attack both sides will scramble there, putting the fights on an epic scale), and I think with the winning condition both sides would try harder/take their characters a little more seriously.
- Evil Ernie SSK 17:00, 25 Sep 2005 (BST)
  • "Mutation" mission - Basically, this idea is somehting of an 'endgame' quest for very high-level characters. Either side can start it, and altough similar, it goes along different paths for suvivors and zombies. To embark on the mission, one must be of a certain level (10? More?), and it's a random happening in Necrotech buildings. Said quest would launch a survivor on a wild goose chase, from clue to clue, preferably with randomised target destination too. A zombie on the other hand would have to develop himself to be capable of unserstanding at least the gist of the clues, but would have zombie intuition and instincts to fill in for what he didn't know. Ultimately, the player would need to acquire a Pathogen Sample, an otherwise extremely rare item, and then do some questiing to actually know how to use it. Applying the Pathogen Sample to yourself completes the quest, and gives the player a rare skill, reserved only for dedicated, good players.

Survivors would receive Controlled Mutation - basically embracing the madness of zombiefication, while retaining their sanity, hybrids sort of - stronger than human or zombie, combining the best parts of both. Imagine a beefy humanoid with muscles of steel and sinews of iron, brinign a heavy fire axe upon your head. Controlled Mutation players - 'hybrids' receive a differently colored name (gold?), are deadly in close combat, regenerate wounds, have a natural 20% flak jacket (stackable!) and confer bonuses to survivors with him. In addition, their own virus battles hostile infections, and if felled they will stand up as survivors, at half health. Zombies receive Rampant Mutation, turning into muscle-bound undead powerhouses - think Nemezis, just without the rocket launcher. 'Mutants' are even more deadly than hybrids, tearing foes apart with powerful claws. They regenerate faster (cant't be healed though), have natural 20% flak armor (stackable!), deal more damage, may speak freely, confer attack bonuses to other zombies in the vicinity, and are like beacons to them ('You feel drawn towards <the nearest mutant's directions>'). They however still can't use items, are naturally immune to reviving, and receive a special description, along the lines of 'a monstrosity that once was human'. What are the downsides of being a mutant/hybrid? For one, when you eventually die, you lose part of the bonuses, until you use another Pathogen Sample, though you are still dangerous. I say 'eventually', because a hybrid/mutant has in the vicinity of a gazillion hit points - a hundred or two. The other downside it it's hard to get - the knowledge/items needed to use Pathogen Samples are hard to get, but the samples can only be found in two ways - random chance after a hard quest, or.... pickign it up from somebody else. Who drops Pathogen Samples? People who carried them and died lose them in favor of the killer... AND slaying a mutant/hybrid gets the killer a sample... it's just the killing that's hard...

- Skarmory 18:45 28 Sep 2005 (CET)

Other Ideas

Ideas you'd like to see incorporated into the game, but that don't fit into any of the categories above (follow the link).

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