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Malton chronicle.jpg This story is part of the Malton Chronicles.
This story is fan-made, and is not officially part of any background history for Urban Dead.


Ryan Kyndrid lived in the center of a suburb called Stanbury Village, and he would walk down to his best friend, and old room-mate, Robbie "Rip shaw" Stockdale's house everyday. There they would talk about each others experiences in the fire department, both aspiring to become the new chief.

One day however, Kyndrid was walking to church, and he happened to stumbl upon some steet ruffians, and was torn apart in a futile attempt to defend himself from these men. He decided it was time to use that fire man trainning of his to defensive perposes, he decided to carry around a simple weapon, simply enough, he cut a peice of wood into a stick, around 2' 6" in length, a little larger then a fire axe. He then walked down the same street, and found the same ruffians, quickly he beat them untill they where bruised and bloody , he left one concious, and found out which of the many street gangs they where with. "The Pathetic Bills will hunt you like a dog!" the man managed to bark out at Ryan. A moment later he was on the ground, unconcious from a heavy blow to the head.

Kyndrid asked all around Malton to find out where these people stayed, soon he found out they where in some warehouse near Scarlerwood , and he charged into the warehouse, only to find they had been expecting him.

Suddenly he felt his vision return, all he could remember was being knocked out after being beaten by a group of thugs. he looked around and relized he was in the middle of a large warehouse, the Pathetic Bills warehouse no doubt. Kyndrid felt terribly alone, but suddenly an odd man broke through a large door behind him, the man was thin, quite recognisibly spanish, with a gun in hand he quickly unlocked his chains and broke Kyndrid out of the warehouse, he never even fired a shot. Only later he would find out the mans name, Padre Romero, it turns out he was the leader of a street "gang" although they generally frown upon the usual gang work such as random violence and causing disorder. Thus began his days with the Malton Angels.

Early outbreaks

Once the outbreak occured however, Robbie (aka rip shaw) was ordered to once again take up his axe, but, this time, instead of breaking down doors to fires, now he must lodge it into the heads of the now zombified people he once new. While Kyndrid stayed put in his home at stanbury, constantly under attack, he learned the nessisary servival skills of barracading, using firearms, and quickly escaping the unholy monsters who now prowl the city. During this time, he had grown apart from the Malton Angels, and joined a grouped called "The Freedom Fighters" lead by a man called "Prisoner of Today" and fought beside them and the Channel Four News Team in many a battle, which streched even out into the zombie haven-Ridleybank, but soon however, he found himself back in scarletwood, along side the Malton Angels, and re-joined with his old teammates.

While in Scarletwood, his old friend Padre showed him how to operate the anti-virus, and thus he learned how to revive his fallen comrades. After a few more days with the Angels, he relized he was needed back at Stanbury, and opened a revive clinic where his old home was, Hatwell place, suddenly, a noise on his thought to be dead radio stopped him with a needle halfway into a zombies skull "The Channel four news team is charging towards glorious battle into ridleybank" Now Kyndrid didn't know the status of much else than stanbury village, but everyone knows ridelybank is a haven for zombies. Knowing the "C4NT" could use some help, he quickly finished up his revivals, stocked up on arms, and headed over to ridelybank, and began helping people hold revive points with his trusty axe and shotgun, all the while reviving any zombified surviver in sight.

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