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About me

Hi. I'm Myra Vance, or LabTech746. I doubt that anyone here knowing my name will cause problems; no one's going to bother looking for me in here.

I'm a former lab technician at G Corp. After some events that I'd rather not go into detail about, I ended up on the run, and I found myself outside the walls of Malton. Entry was heavily guarded by the military, which made me suspicious; the timely arrival of my pursuers distracted the guards, and I was given and forced into an escape into the walled area.

As hellish as this place is, it's still a better fate than if I had been caught.

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Joined: Early 2010
Character class: Scientist
Favorite equipment: Axe, revivification syringe
Character profile: Urban Dead profile
Current status: Hopefully, alive
Character group: G Corp
Character stats: Unknown
Journal: Journal for LabTech746

Oh boy userboxes

Redcrosssmall.jpg Doctor
This user is a Doctor and is probably off healing someone.
Medic.jpg Medic
This user is a medic and is probably off healing the troops.
Sgpicon1.gif Sacred Ground Policy Supporter
This user supports the Sacred Ground Policy.
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