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After I got into the walled area, I still had to get to the wall around Malton, and then get over it. In the process, nearly all of my supplies were either lost or destroyed, and I just barely made it into the city alive. I found myself in what I now know as Crooketon, and I looked for someone who could give me information. I thought I had found help in Nixbank, but he started biting me. I was too weakened to fight back, and I was turned into a zed. Eventually, someone found and revived me.

I asked around, and decided to make my way toward The Panes Building in Ruddlebank. I made my way into Foulkes Village, and then headed east. I planned to find out more about NecroTech, and what role I could play in stopping this plague.

November 2010

I had attempted to hide out at St. John's Hospital; unfortunately, I arrived only a few days before the siege of Tompson Mall, and was killed. Not long after, I traveled to Butler Avenue, where I was revived, then made my way toward Dartside. Every building in sight was either heavily barricaded or destroyed, and in trying to find an open building, I found myself in Greentown. Exploring the area showed me that the only hospital was ruined, so after waiting a bit in an open building, I headed into Kinch Heights. Due to an apparent buildup of good luck, I came across Urban General Hospital. The building wasn't overbarricaded, and I could get inside. Over the next few days, I was able to help other survivors and gather supplies. The luck didn't last too long, though. Evidently, the zeds were making sweeps, and the hospital and surrounding areas were next in their path. Losing my life again, I joined the ranks of the undead. Leaving the area, I headed toward North Blythville.

December 2010

Yet another two weeks or so were spent milling around and attacking. Over in South Blythville, I was revived, and I managed to make a return to Lockettside; this time, the defense of Tompson succeeded. Using my remaining supplies, and now able to navigate through barricaded buildings, I set about healing as many survivors as I could. Sometime over the following few weeks, working at St. Alexander's Hospital became a lot easier; fewer zeds attempted to break in, and re-barricading and healing everyone would be finished up quickly.

January 2011

Over the radio, I heard something very interesting - namely, someone was advertising an escape from the city at Ellicott Place Railway Station. Much as I wanted to stay in the city, I wanted to find out about it. Eventually, I came across Escape, and learned of the attempt to get out of the city or commit suicide if they failed. This was something that I had to see; the relatively slow pace at St. Alexander's certainly helped encourage me. Heading off, I made my way northwest toward Owsleybank. I noticed that a number of buildings had not received any status updates in a long time, some going over a year without new information; documenting new information about these buildings became a second part of my trip. Nearing the site, I decided to avoid entering it; it looked quite heavily barricaded, my path did not lead to any adjacent buildings from which I could free run, and I was running low on energy. Going back wasn't very easy, as the buildings I encountered all seemed to either be ruined or too barricaded for me to enter. I finally came across what looked like a safe building while I was barely keeping myself moving, but I recognized a man sleeping in the corner as a very notorious murderer. Making a decision was tough; my only options were to stay with the killer, or jump into another building and hope that it was safe. Providentially, my choice to escape was the right one, and I came to in a well-barricaded building. Over my journey back to St. Alexander's, I continued to update information on the surrounding areas; I deviated from my path a bit for this, making me stop to rest a bit before I reach the hospital, but I find it well worth it. Reaching the hospital will take no time at all after a quick rest.

The jump to the hospital was quick, and I was soon back at gathering supplies and keeping up the barricades. A scout of Ruddlebank led me to The Panes Building, one of my targets from when I first entered Malton, which was being used as a Rotter's Relief location. Nothing bothers me more than seeing a quite notorious murderer be revived, which I recently learned. Then, I was killed by a zombie, which was at least better than being killed by the recently-revived. Here, luck was with me again, and revives were continuing, so I didn't remain dead for too long. Even though it still seemed pretty safe, I wasn't sticking around, and I returned to the hospital. Recuperated, I headed to a factory that I had seen a block north of Panes, hoping that I could find a toolbox for future repairs. Exhaustively looting the place got me nothing, so I moved on to Chilcott Auto Repair, where I finally found my toolbox, along with plenty of other useful supplies. I had recently learned about a revive point plan, and decided to check out some of the local points. Sadly, as nice as this suburb is, there are no NecroTech facilities to be found. There are several locations that aren't far from South Blythville, though...

Hoping to put my toolbox to good use, I went on the hunt for wrecked buildings. Entering Crooketon, I came across Gwilliam Cinema. Of course, it wouldn't be easy; it was EHB, and I would have to break my way in. Plus, I couldn't enter any close buildings, and there was a lot of groaning nearby, so breaking in was my only option. Entry was barely accomplished.

February 2011

Not that I expected entry to be the hardest part, of course. Clearly, for it to be ruined and barricaded, there would be a zed inside. Of course, luck is never on my side; there was one zed, whose brain hadn't rotted, and I could revive him, but he was a murderer. Deciding that letting him live to fix the building wasn't worth it, I set about getting rid of him the standard way. Exiting to a safer place and re-entering was very time-consuming, but I wore him down. I woke up one day to find that someone else had killed the zed and fixed up the building; I wish I'd gotten a chance to use my toolbox, but at least there's a new safe building. So, I headed on, ending up in Grigg Heights.


I found the the Merson Building there. Coincidentally, it was also in the process of being ruined; I entered, finding only 3 zeds inside. Awful luck continued, though, as all of then seemed to have brain rot. Not to be discouraged, I went between attacking with my axe and resting at Blaxall Way Police Department, but they ended up pouring into Merson too quickly to handle. To add to that, they started breaking into Blaxall, and I leapt to Lees Boulevard Police Department just as a zed grabbed at me. Gods, I wish I could get to the hospital just east of Blaxall, but the warehouse is ruined, and I have a bad feeling about the hospital...

It wasn't long before the barricades were finally overwhelmed. Very few people escaped, and I was among the casualties. Every time I try to remember what happened after that, I just draw a blank. My death lasted for about three weeks, and I was finally cured where I had died, Grigg Heights. Only a few hours passed before I found Cornelius General Hospital.

March 2011

Right next to Cornelius General is St. Julius's Hospital, which seemed to have been broken into right before I got there. Even though I prefer curing the infected, I haven't been to a NecroTech building in a while; my only option is killing zeds. I attacked the lone zombie pretty heavily, set up some barricades, and returned to Cornelius. Not three days later, though, Cornelius was broken into. Few survivors were left, and I tried to clear out the undead; it was a hopeless battle, and I decided to take my chances with St. Julius's. One of the survivors from Cornelius had been working on the place; it was sufficiently barricaded, and there was a generator set up. Getting to a police department was a must, though; I had used up my ammo when I was helping the hospitals. One problem stood in my way - all of the departments that I could reach were ruined. Opening myself to more danger so soon after revivification wasn't something that I wanted to do, but it was the only way I could get better chances at survival. Deciding to risk it, I made my way back to Blaxall and Lees.

Blaxall wasn't looking too good, and neither was Lees. Yet, Lees was empty, so I decided to work on it; unfortunately, I had used up a lot of energy getting there, so I closed the doors and hoped that The Ashwin Building would be a safe place to sleep. Even my luck can be good sometimes; it was barricaded, survivors were staying there, and they had evidently been working on fixing up Lees.

...So much for that good luck, anyway. Not long after that entry, the barricades were brought down, and, of course, I was killed. Two and a half weeks later, I was revived outside of Methodius General Hospital, and, since Nixbank appeared safe, I headed down there. Unfortunately, the area had changed since the last updates, so I'm huddled in a warehouse as I write this. If things continue as they have, I'll be dead by this afternoon. Should I just give in and die? I'd certainly deserve it, but...

Well, I do have some luck. I woke up the next morning, safe and refreshed, and I wandered from building to building, still pondering. I was fortunate enough to end up at a police department, not far from a NecroTech building. I grabbed a few revivification syringes, and I headed out in a meandering path. I revived several zeds, before ending up at Judge Road Police Department. I can't believe I was stuck on such a stupid decision — my death wouldn't help anyone. Living, I can help end this plague.

April 2011

I was dead the whole month.

May 2011

I ended up being revived, and managed to make it to a safe location. One look at the map, and I'm amazed it ever happened. Holy shit, this place has gone to hell. I got to a reasonably safe building, but I'm not staying here much longer. I hate being unable to report on the safety of buildings for others, but I imagine those goddamn cultists are ready to jump on any safe buildings they find out about.


Ugh... I can hardly think straight. I need to get my bearings, and... find somewhere to be less infected. I just know I'm at some junkyard in Shuttlebank...

November 2011

Okay, I'm remembering where things are. I managed to get into a ruined building, and stumbled my way to St. Simon's Hospital. I stayed there for a few days, and got some more supplies. Several zeds ended up breaking through before I could finish, but I had gathered enough for the time being.

December 2011

The last days of November and the first days of December were spent in the western areas of Eastonwood, but a high concentration of rotters and killers has forced me to seek safer dwellings.

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