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Power For The People
Abbreviation: PFTP
Group Numbers: Disbanded
Leadership: None
Goals: Powering buildings.
Recruitment Policy: N/A
Contact: N/A


Ridleybank, July '06

Here's a quote from Brainstock. One fine afternoon, I was in Ketchelbank re-fuelling the generator in the Mobile Phone Mast. Then, I looked down at my inventory, and saw a portable generator. At the same time, I was on the wiki. I updated the map to say that Ketchelbank was officially full of tumour causing radio waves. I checked the map to make sure everything worked out, and I noticed Ridleybank was active. I went back into the game thinking how astounding it was to have a Mobile Phone Mast powered there when I saw the generator again. Then, something clicked (Besides my mouse) and I decided on how I could help the survivors in Ridleybank. Electricity! My plan is to run like a madman through the suburb on July 30th setting up and fuelling generators on the way. Anybody with me? This should help temporarily distract the RRF for a few minutes. Plus it'll be fun.

That's a quote that started it all back in July, 2006. PFTP was originally set up to be a one time thing, to help the many survivors trying to take back Ridleybank at the time. (Back then, it was still considered a no-go zone, rather than just suicidally dangerous) The plan was simple:

Start with the Mobile Phone Mast, (If it's not powered, I'll get that one.) Then move onto the hospitals and the necrotech building. After that's all done, Scatter about powering everything else. We're to keep everything powered until we all run out of generators, but no retreating. Only running to the nearest factory. The goal is to try to keep the lights on for 3 days. When you power a building, update the list.

Was it crazy? Yes. Was it suicide? Quite frankly, yes, yes it was. That didn't stop a few people (Namely myself, Yosemite Sam, Mayor Fitting, Lucas Day & Friends, Canuhearmenow at one point, and RAT.) from throwing caution to the wind, and signing up.

The operation was delayed quite a bit, but on July 13th, 2006, it finaly happened. Blackmore was powered. (Photo courtesy of Lucas Day) The movement was officially disbanded in late July.

Greater Ridleybank, Late November '06

On October 4th, PFTP started up again, this time as an actual group rather than a few crazy survivors working together. It consisted of only one member up until Mid-November.

After planning missions in Old Arkham, Mockridge Heights, (None of which got off the ground) PFTP got an emergency request for power in Caiger, however, it fell before the one member team that was PFTP could arrive. After the mall fell, an old plan to attack Ridleybank again was dug up from the PFTP Archives hidden under Rhodenbank. It was called "Operation Lighting the Torch." It was drastic, it involved a run from Ackland, to Nichols, passing through 4 suburbs along the way. After reaper with no name joined, it was split into two parts, two suburbs each. It relied heavily on everyone thinking we were elsewhere. A message was put up on the page saying we were in Yagoton, and spray paint was put up in Yagoton to reinforce this.

After about 2 weeks of getting ready, (Propaganda, Generators, Fuel, etc.) PFTP saw action in Ridleybank once more. This time, we had help. Key members of both the MFU, and the local MFD crew were informed of our arrival in advance, which is most likely why things went more smoothly this time.

After a while, the general public was alerted of what we had just done, and OLtT was considered a success.

A .rar file with documents related to Operation Lighting the Torch has been declassified. It is located here, but you will need a .rar extractor to open it.

Richmond Hills - Eastonwood, January '07

After the success in Greater Ridleybank, PFTP moved north. The first part of this, "Operation Over the River..." (Referring to the strip of empty land disconnecting North and South Richmond) was simple. Restock, and power to lure some zombies from Eastonwood. We restocked near Ackland, and moved into Richmond powering a few buildings in the area.

On February 4th, 2007, the group fell apart. The second part of this operation., "Operation ...Through the Woods" (Referring to the suburb's name Eastonwood) never got off the ground.

On February, 14th 2007, Power For The People was no more.

Why did we do it?

  • For the Ridleybank mission, it was-

Simple. Why not? Plus, The zombies in Ridleybank seem to refuse to acknowledge any form of human presence in the suburb. A couple of blinding disco lights and glowing necrotech logos should help them realise, "Hey, theres a bunch of survivors here. I'm going to head over to starbucks..." Not only that, but the RRF may be temporarily distracted, and survivors can get a firmer hold on the suburb.

  • Afterward, when it was resurrected sometime in October-

Do you know how hard it is to read in the dark?

Also, defying gravity is fun.

Former Allies

This is a list of groups who decided to call us allies before the group disbanded. (Not to be confused with those that helped at Ridleybank)