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Characters Projects Info
PT Melville
Trying to keep Ridleybank safe and to proper standards - death culting with RRF.
Zombie in human skin.
DD Lynch
As babah was harrased by repetetive combat reviving, which in turn led to developing Brain Rot (on level two). Exploring city with MOB, on the search for tasty tissues.
He is rotting!
JP Hopper
Inactive most of the time. Used only for projects and events. Visited all monuments (~250 locations) in Malton.
Collect list of players with most XP.
Building stats
Some statistics about suburbs.
Tall Monuments
Discover all Tall Monuments in Malton.
Swarm intelligence
Describe why zombie horde isn't stupid.
Squatting tactics
Using dark building in very different way. Just a draft.
Degrading barricades
Suggestion under development.

This isn't my first wiki, few comments below. I'm not a native speaker.

Mediawiki markup
Why not something sane like Textile or Markdown, which is de facto standard?
Fancy signatures
Signatures should be readable first. Multiple links in signature? Those are useless on touch screens, that lack precision. Graphical signatures? Don't start me on this.
Modified quote to reflect my opinion: "The more corrupt the wiki, the more numerous the laws".