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Laraku (Lara Kuhne)
Starting Occupation: Scientist
Group Membership: Non-affiliated.
Goals: Collecting data, reviving, and keeping the heart of Necrotech beating strong.
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Feburary 4th

Experiencing zombies first-hand and seeing an apocalypse that can bring the best or worst out of people has given me a bit of a shell. Yet I am still fascinated at the fact that I am recording thoughts that no one may ever read - on the back of some of my salvaged research documents.

But I digress.



A kind person apparently nursed me in my slumber. I woke in the dingy warehouse, and it took several moments to regain knowledge of my surroundings and I how I got there. There is a slightly larger number of people here than the motel in Crowbank, but the number is still quite low. I spied a zombie lurking about outside; however, it seems that it is not intent on doing anything just yet. I managed to tag it while it was... sleeping, for lack of a better term. I doubt zombies really sleep, but perhaps they lose consciousness without actually resting?

I explored the nearby area. A crowd of zombies was gathered outside a nearby hospital. Another group seemed to have congregated around the building next door. Needless to say, I retreated to my safehouse quickly.

I copied the data from my DNA extractor into a discarded address book and looked around in silence. As usual, the survivors seem to keep to themselves after coming from their zombie runs, sleep often, or withdraw into a corner, frightened of the world outside...

It is rather horrendous out there, for it is a zombie apocalypse.

- Salus,


Feburary 2nd

After making my usual risky run, which included tagging and again left me sans-syringe, I found that staying up on three hours of sleep can bear down on you gradually, or unexpectedly. I felt myself being drained of energy as the moments ticked past, but after staggering into Crowbank in the afternoon, exhaustion just bore down all at once. I managed to get into a motel before completely collapsing in Willington Plaza.

Only four other humans have taken up residence in the tiny motel, which is fortunate, for zombies do not usually go for inconspicuous buildings with few survivors. The disadvantage is that the barricade is still withstanding, but it looks as if it can come down easily with the combined force of several zombies.

The people talk very little, and the beds are cold and filthy. I cannot go anywhere else or do anything but write in this condition, so I will just have to bear with it. I have been in worse environments, after all.

I should rest, then look for the list of tagged specimens I recorded before arriving in this suburb.

- Salus,


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