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See: Sand Pit, Sand Box, SandBox2 and SandBox3.

With normal transclusion:


4-August-2020 20:45

With subclusion:


11-June-2009 15:54

But in the latter case, the actual source of this page has been changed permanently.

Try it: edit this page and replace the date-and-time information shown under
subclusion with the protected version just above it. Then save the page and reopen it.

The question is: can this be used to automate wiki-readable timestamps?

Imagine that a subclusion'd version of the month and date were in a template in such a way that they automatically time-stamped a DangerReport when a user updated it. Comparisons between the 'current' month and date and those so timestamped could be used to automate aging of DangerReports... or at least I think so.

Checking basic timestamping: {{CURRENTTIMESTAMP}}? Is this undefined?: 20200804204538

While we're at it, lets take a look at some of the other cool stuff from [1]:
{{LOCALTIME}}? Is this undefined?: 20:45
{{NUMBEROFUSERS}}? Is this undefined?: 50,869
{{NUMBEROFACTIVEUSERS}}? Is this undefined?: 40
{{NUMBEROFADMINS}}? Is this undefined?: 8
This one might be cool: __NEWSECTIONLINK__? If this works, there should be a "+" at the top of this page for new sections.

Yup, that one works.

Ah, what is the mediawiki version of the UD wiki? {{CURRENTVERSION}}: 1.23.6
Finally, anything the UD wiki can do specially? It'll be listed on the Special:Version page.

Other tools to be used in this: {{PREVIOUSMONTH}} isn't implemented here (undefined: Template:PREVIOUSMONTH) but this is what generates it:

{{#expr:(({{CURRENTMONTH}}+10)mod 12)+1}}

Does it work? Only if our wiki has implemented the math functions... Here: {{#expr:((08+10)mod 12)+1}} Nope. Doesn't work. What is missing comes from here.




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