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See: Sand Pit, Sand Box, SandBox2 and SandBox3.

Our goal is to create the simplest template which, when aimed at an existing DangerReport, produces a tiny color-coded box signaling that building's latest known condition.

A later goal will be to include a hover tooltip that provides additional details, such as:

  • the name and coordinates of the building;
  • the date of the report.

The current version still depends on various StatusMap templates, such as Template:StatusMap unknown and Template:StatusMap safe. There might be better ways of doing this, such as with a Template:Switch statement. I found an example if its usage at the right side, here.

The old source:

{| style="width:7px; height:7px; background:{{StatusMap {{{status|unknown}}}}}" | <!-- Hah! Nothing in the box! -->

The new source, using the switch:

{| style="width:7px; height:7px; background:{{switch
|case: safe=green
|case: under attack=yellow         <!-- should be #EE0 -->
|case: under siege=orange          <!-- should be #F80 -->
|case: ransacked=DarkRed           <!-- should be #BE3939 -->
|case: ruined=DarkRed              <!-- should be #BE3939 -->
|case: in zombie hands=red
|case: rebuilding=Lime             <!-- should be #60BF60 -->
|case: rot revive=DarkOliveGreen   <!-- should be #630 -->
|default=gray <!-- aka unknown -->
}}" | <!-- Hah! Nothing in the box! -->

The current default for the variable {{{status}}} is "unknown", thus the result will be the gray box below:

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