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Jason Latyon O'Conner
Joined: Airdropped into Hell on 2005-07-04 22:16:45
Character class: He considers himself Ex-Military
Favorite equipment: Beretta M92 with custom wooden grips and engraving on the sides
Character profile: Urban Dead profile
Current status: Alive
Character group: The Seraphim
Character stats: Kills: Too many to count
Deaths: Not sure
Revives: 2 or 3
Journal: [1] for Jason Latyon O'Conner

Name: Jason O'Conner

Nickname: Latyon (also his middle name)

Height: 6’ 00�?

Weight: 178 lbs.

Age: 28

Gender: Male

Physical Description: Jason has short messy hair that is in the color range between brown and blonde. He is a natural brunette, but the sporadic strands of blonde hair he possesses make it seem lighter than it actually is. He kept it in a typical high school male hairstyle, despite being 28, before moving to Malton and the initial outbreak. Now, he doesn’t have the time or patience to even attempt to keep it the way it was in a city as windy and desolate as Malton. If you have trouble picturing what I’m talking about, picture Jason Teague’s hairstyle from Smallville. It’s basically the same.

His eyes are hazel with glints of green distributed randomly throughout the irises. The dark circles beneath his eyes suggest lack of sleep, which is to be expected. He’s had trouble sleeping since before the outbreak, when he had precognitive dreams of Malton’s demise, but he didn’t pay any attention to them. Aside from the dark circles, there are no other imperfections with his face. He has no freckles or wrinkles.

Jason’s muscular torso is usually covered by a T-shirt. Depending on the stores he comes by he’ll change his shirt, but they will usually be plain, black, white, or gray. Over his shirt he wears a worn out brown leather jacket with a map of Malton sewn into the warm interior. He didn’t take it for the map, didn’t even notice it had a map inside until after a day or two of wearing it. He took it for the sole reason that the corpse in the closet of the house he was airdropped in front of didn’t need it anymore. The jacket was intended to be marketed as a souvenir for tourists through the city, but increasing terrorism led to its recall. The mayor decided it wouldn’t be safe to give potential terrorists a map indicating major roads, railway stations, and important buildings.

Over his legs, he wears a pair of blue jeans, with substantial physical wear. They are in the middle of baggy and tight, and provide a full range of motion without hindering his movement, plus some protection in the cold months. The color is faded navy blue.

On Jason’s feet rest black six inch tactical entry boots, for the locked doors that seemed to be as much of a plague as the outbreak. He stole these, too, from an army surplus store.

On his right thigh he has a black tactical drop-leg holster, able to hold one handgun and an extra magazine. This is where he keeps his Beretta when it is not in use. Also attached to his black belt, about four inches to the left of the buckle, is a dual magazine pouch, black in color. Going across Malton, he figures he needs as much ammo as he can carry.

Strapped to his back is a Benelli M1014 Shotgun with collapsible stock, previously only available to members of the law enforcement profession. It is black in color.

Jason is a fast runner, even when carrying his shotgun. The military kept him in top physical condition, and he continues to do the same exercises as he did in the military. He believes that everyone should keep the human body as strong as possible, as it is the greatest biological weapon on the Earth.

Personality: Jason has a tendency to play the big brother role for a lot of people he gets to know. In Malton, where the danger is real, this goes double for all the survivors he runs into. Despite his good looks and the fact that women are attracted to him, he has trouble with intimacy. It isn't that he's shy, but when things start to heat up between him and a woman he'll usually back off, especially women he knows.

History: Jason was born in Parkland Memorial Hospital in Dallas, Texas. His father was Roger O'Conner, who met his mother Danielle ironically at the hospital itself. She was undergoing surgery on her knee, for an injury she received while carrying Jason’s older brother Joshua. He was never very supportive of other children in the house; he was even more shocked of the telling of a third child on her way, which they eventually named Victoria after much arguing.

Jason lived a normal life, for the most part. His elementary school was average, the teachers were average, but Jason excelled at everything but math. He absolutely hated math. His pothead teacher didn’t help much either, and he believes that many people left that school without the basic abilities of even addition or subtraction. He was lucky to have Roger and Danielle (in case you forgot, his parents) to teach him; otherwise he would have just been another face in the crowd, and a stupid crowd at that.

Then came middle school, and math was suddenly a breeze. He had a new nemesis (for a week or two), in the form of physical education. He specifically hated Tuesdays, when he was forced to run from one end of the small field behind his school to the other in an event known as the PACER (Progressive Aerobic Cardiovascular Endurance Run). It was a nightmare at first, but he soon got used to it and was running up in the 70’s and 80’s in laps, while the rest of the class struggled with the limit of 51 (for boys). He thought this was actually funny, seeing as how he never did anything in PE before this, had never played any sports, or anything athletic. He was just naturally strong, both in strength and in heart.

Middle school was easy enough, and this was where he made his first real group of friends. No one before had ever really meant anything to Jason, even though one of his elementary friends composed the group that he hung out with. It was love at first sight when he saw the girl of his dreams, Lani Hunter. Lani was about the same height as Jason at the time, but eventually they grew to what I consider the “right�? heights for a boyfriend and girlfriend. She had dirty blonde hair that she eventually dyed auburn, and eyes just as magnificent as the ones that Jason possessed. She was not a cheerleader, surprisingly (didn’t expect that huh?). In fact, she despised cheerleaders.

But things don’t always go as they should, and Lani’s parents ended up having to take her to Salem, Oregon, for business. This was both a traumatizing and rewarding experience for Jason. It gave him time for other girls, and his parents had already been getting on him about dating the same girl all this time. Both of them said that he should try out different types of women before deciding what he wants in one. He didn’t care, but their demands were met as soon as Lani was out of his life. He started a relationship with Catherine Akers, but it was nowhere near as fulfilling.

High school came, and Jason became interested in baseball. He easily got on the team and was one of their most valuable players, but this was once again because the school and its students were barely average (again, he blames the pothead teachers). Other schools clobbered theirs in the games and he became discouraged, though he was one of the only ones actually capable of saving the game. It happened once, but that game was exhibition and didn’t count anyway. He quit soon after, almost causing a riot among the team members, the supporters, and the parents (damn, they were violent). He had to stop it himself, since none of the rioters were willing to hurt him. There was just something about those eyes…

Catherine and Jason went out for the remainder of high school, and most people suspected that they would get married, which in turn shocked the whole school when he broke up with her before leaving for college. She had seen it coming and thought it would be for the best as well.

He had actually received scholarships during his baseball days, and didn't have to pay much for college. While there he studied Paranormal Psychology and Theater, and was surprisingly reunited with Lani Hunter in one of his normal classes. At their graduation, Jason asked her to marry him. They set the date, but eventually broke up because of Lani's affair with her boss at work.

Frustrated, he joined the Army and stuck with them, finding it fascinating, and was eventually deployed to help with a quarantine somewhere in England.

His story after the formation of The Seraphim can be found at either of the following links:

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