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A member of The Hazeldine Committee, LeChuckBR was a medical student when the outbreak occurred. That day he was in the hospital, as usual, when some zombies attacked the E.R. of the hospital. Some of his colleges thought that they were just crazy people, but LeChuckBR knew that the Z Day has came (he used to spent a lot of time reading about zombies and the Z Day), so he tryed to save some of his friends (but most of them was either infected or dead...). After that he got to his locker, grab his .45 pistol that he always carryed with him, his bag and some FAKs and cirurgical material from the hospital. When he went outside the city was like hell, so he fled to the nearest building, where he found some other survivors. After a zombie outbreak that he barely escaped, he decided to go to some other place, so he ended around Marven Mall, where he participated the work of retaking the mall. After the Mall was retaken he got assassinated by Danson Tapiro, who didn't liked his ideias of helping other survivors (and because he didn't voted in Danson)... After a long time zombified, he ended up at Gee, where KillSwitchEngage revived him and talked about a plan, to keep the suburb safe. The group was named after the NT building that was their safehouse (their and from other people too, like Dzme14 and pattyO furniture, that became the original members of THC). More survivors came and THC growed... but we're betraied by L M, who helped the zombies to get inside our safehouse and made us flee for some time.. but we went back to Hazeldine Building, and now we help to keep the suburb safe and revive our lost fellows!

P.S.: Sorry about the bad english

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Joined: 2006-06-10 21:16:54
Character class: Doctor
Favorite equipment: A .45 pistol, the THC official jacket and a bag full of FAKs and Syrynges
Character profile: Urban Dead profile
Current status: Alive
Character group: The Hazeldine Committee
Character stats: Unknown
Journal: "No journal" for LeChuckBR
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