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The first English player in the NBA, Russel 'Legs' Akimbo was left stranded in Malton Airport when the virus broke. Carrying only a washbag and his grandfather's cricket bat (143* vs Australia, Perth, 1935) Legs has somehow managed to hide his 6'11 frame for 12 long years...

Normally to be found in and around Abraham General Hospital, where he manages to make himself useful, and make others an excellent Martini. Despite a complete lack of medical training and an aversion to blood, the tutelage of Prof Wagstaff and Doctor Goodchild have turned Legs into a fairly proficient medic, although his suturing skills are best described as "sub-optimal".

A blog, of sorts:

1 Aug '22 - For the first time in a long time we've got Prof Wagstaff and DJ back at AGH. It's like the old days. You realise how much you miss Doctor Goodhead's biting wit :(

8 Jul 2022 - Revived, and back at Abraham General. It's fairly quiet

22 Jun 2022 - Mrhh?

1 Jun 2022 - time to get a new t-shirt, this one's filthy. A trip to the Zoo! Better pack sandwiches.