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Leiter's Travelling circus

I used to travel to see where I belonged. Now I have joined up with User:Jerden since he has found a very interesting and odd way of enjoying this game.


I am a PKer, but going at lone prey just doesn't do it for me. I prefer all out wars against groups that can actually defend themselves.

Jerden's Coat of Arms.png Jerden Rules Crowbank
This user agrees that Jerden Rules Crowbank!
Cemetery stones 2.jpg PK Count
Leiter has PKed 23 people.

Honor among thieves

Yeah! I totally believe in that stuff, it's rad!

  • Wasting AP to produce one-liners before PKing someone, is just common courtesy.
  • Newbies are just out of bounds as long as it is not a matter of vengeance.
  • Diplomacy, sometimes it's just that easy to get rid of a PKer.
  • Don't bite the hand that feeds, if someone's repeatedly helping you, that someone is friendly (unless that someone is also repeatedly shooting you, in which case he/she's just being tricky).

Sinq.jpg Well!
This user certainly didn't expect any of the 12 Spanish Inquisitions thrown at him!


Agendas change with the weather, or at least upon completion or failure, which could be at the same moment from time to time. In films, it almost always is.


Recruitment drives for JRC and "encouraging" immigration into Crowbank (Just for fun)

Rebuilding Crowbank and making JRC stronger (JRC business)


Fighting a 2 man war against TSI (JRC business)

Participating in Order 66 (JRC business)

Everything is proceeding exactly as I have foreseen.

Claiming (or rather re-claiming by now) Crowbank. - Currently passive while Order 66 is being executed (JRC business)

Travelling as a medic and helping each and every survivor I stumble across. - Failed big time. Stumbled across this fella trying to claim a whole suburb by himself, helped him out and turned into PKing. Got a taste for it as well.

Contact & lists


If you wish to proclaim that revenge is coming for me, team up, make peace or for other occult reasons contact me on the wiki if you're concerned about AP, otherwise I do have a Cell.


User:Jerden - Leader of JRC

User:Anja Arnheim - Former member of JRC, left on friendly terms.

The Spanish Inquisition - We've had our war, peace has been declared, now it's time to shake hands and move on as friends. Some are not mentioned for their own protection.