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Les Nessman, Reporter for the BBC
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Title with the BBC News Director
To contact the BBC for a story We can be reached here

Les Nessman is a five-time winner of the Ohio radio news trophy, the "Buckeye Newshawk Award," the coveted "Silver Sow Award" (for excellence in farm news, particularly hog reports), and the "Copper Cob Award" (also for farm broadcasting).

What is the BBC

The BBC is a survivor group opening up all across Malton. If you fancy taking a less fully armed approach to UD, but with all the action, then the BBC is for you. Ideal for Experienced Players, the BBC asks candidates to make a fresh alt from scratch with a clean identity. Although most of the time in game you may be DEM, LUE or RR, the BBC is an impartial group, and therefore requires players with the contacts for stories, but without the baggage of reputation. Regular alt names will not be released to the general public, unless the player specifically asks for recognition. Your BBC Journalist will not take a hands on approach to UD. We don't go out of our way to kill Zombies, Survivors or PKers, nor do we lend any direct assistance to any group, regardless of pulse. However, the odd heal and revive isn't out of the question, as we have to make the XP somehow. Your duties will initially involve using your contacts to allow your BBC Journalist to liaise with groups so we can follow stories. Once the BBC is set up properly, and we can talk to groups properly, you will be assigned a group, suburb or event to be that target's correspondent, although it is likely that you will have more than one responsibility, and constantly have to change along with the times. You will then report your story to the BBC for the reading pleasure of our wiki readers or our radio audience. You will also be working with other Journalists on stories, and in the event of War Correspondence, will be probably be working in large groups to get the best quality of coverage we can. This is obviously for players that are bored with the normal process of things, and fancy a change from the typical role playing styles of UD. You could be reporting the DEM's latest plans, you could be roaming with a large zombie pack, or you could be following the devastation of a PKA attack. On top of this, the BBC hopes to showcase other Malton media. We want the best short stories for entertainment and we want to follow crazy sporting events that only Malton can offer. We're currently relaunching, and if you want to take a pro-active role in this new, fresh group, we urgently need talented players who take the initiative who show a capacity to work both independently and can act as a leader for other recruits. If this sounds like you, make a new alt character, and get involved! You can find us on our wiki page or at our forums. Once you're there, let us know you're here, make a load of noise, and get reporting! So what are you waiting for? Join the BBC today!

BBC mic.jpg BBC Reporter
This user is a Reporter for the British Broadcasting Corporation, and therefore will stop at nothing to bring the story to the people

BBC Main Page
Link to the British Broadcasting Corporation's main Wiki page.

This link will take you to a listing of articles written by Les Nessman.

To contact the BBC
Our radio station frequency is 26.65, our forums are here or you can contact me directly at

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