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Name:Lex Decon

Age: 38

Height: 71" Hair: Brown

Weight: 200 lbs. Eyes: Blue-Green

Scars/Marks: Scars along left side of face chin and neck.

Current Assignment: USAI, Alpha Company,

Active Duty History:

Lex Decon was on leave from USMC visiting friends in Malton when the first outbreaks happened. Unable to make it out of Malton during the initial evacuation, Cpl. Decon volunteered to remain back and defend the barricades as people where evacuated. During the final push of the undead hordes, Cpl. Decon was cut off from the main defenders and made his way deeper into Malton. Spending most of his time scouting and assisting what survivors he could he came across a spray painted sign about the United States Army Infantry.

Cpl. Decon made his way to the location of the USAI Boot Camp unit, radioed to him through short band freq. Enlisting with the USAI as a private and finishing Boot Camp ahead of schedule he was promoted to the rank of Corporal then assigned as an instructor for the USAI Boot Camp under Command Sergeant Major Zankuro. Graduating multiple Boot Camp recruits Cpl Decon was promoted to Sergeant while still in the Cadre Position.

After CSM Zankuro was rotated to one of the Platoons Sgt. Decon was appointed as Commander of the USAI Boot Camp and promoted to the rank of First Sergeant. 1st Sgt. Decon stepped up and took over USAI Boot Camp, reorganizing and stream lining the process of training recruits in Undead Tactical operations. Increasing retention and graduation of recruits by 50%. During his tour as Commander of USAI Boot Camp, 1st Sgt Decon lead his boot camp recruits against a numerically superior force of Ridley Bank Resistance Force in a Siege Against Dowdney Mall. In a Joint-Operation with other Survivor Groups. They where able to not only stop but force the RRF to admit defeat and pull out of the area. Saving the mall and suburb.

After spending the better part of a year commanding USAI Boot Camp, 1st Sgt. Decon requested transfer to Alpha Company Long Range Recon Patrol.

Pertaining information has still been deemed classified.

Upon successful completion of his tour with the Alpha LRRP, 1st Sgt. Decon was promoted to Captain and given Command of Alpha Company, USAI. Captain Decon lead Alpha Company on a multitude of successful operations against the Zed. During his last Operation He was cut off from friendly lines and presumed missing possibly Dead.

Note: Captain Decon was found inside a basement alive but malnourished and disoriented, and has been returned to duty with USAI as of 23 April 2010.

Training and Performance Evaluation:





Promotion and Awards:


Corporal - 20070115 Sergeant - 20070404 First Sergeant - 20070328 Commissioned Captain - 20071214


Combat Infantry Badge: 20070120 [[1]]

Army Commendation Medal: Operation Trident - 20070120, Operation Burning Lance - 20070601 (Second Award)[[2]]

NCO Professional Development Ribbon: 20070322, 20070619 Second Award.[[3]]

Malton Defense Service Award: 20070413 [[4]]

Legion of Merit: For outstanding achievements in transforming the Platoons and organizing the separate platoons and outstanding leadership. 20070601 [[5]]

Distinguished Service Medal: During the campaign to retake North-Western Malton. These soldiers are recognized for actions which distinguished themselves by exceptionally meritorious service to the Government in a duty of great responsibility. By inserting deep behind enemy lines to reconnoiter enemy position and strength at great risk to deliver accurate intelligence to Alpha Company. 20070916 [[6]]

Operation Record:

All following information is deemed unclassified.

Boot Camp Cadre/Commander:

Operation Trident South Blythville

Operation: Rabid Fury Shearbank

Operation IBU Stickling Mall

Operation Gangplank Yagoton/Whatmore NT

Operation: Dragoon/Burning Lance Defense of Dowdney Mall and Hall NT during The Battle of Santlerville

Operation: Jackhammer Liberation of Northern Crowbank

Operation: Over the Top Interdiction into Ft Creedy

Operation: Marauder Melee Stabilization of Giddings and western Starlingtown

Alpha Company LRRP:

Operation: Prairie Wagon Calvert Mall/Quarlesbank/West Boundwood/Gatcombeton/Shuttlebank

Operation: Axeblow Pitneybank/Peppardville *Reported MIA*

Alpha Company:

All Operations as CO of Alpha Company are registered in official AAR for the United States Army Infantry

Completed Operations:

Alpha Platton, Alpha Fireteam

Operation Thunderstorm Completed

Current Operations:

Operation Force Retention Rebuild the USAI.

Sheild.gif US Army Infantry
Lex Decon is a Captain In the USAI
Cmslogo1.jpg Caiger Mall Survivor
This user or group assisted in defending Caiger Mall on one or more occasions.
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