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Life Cultist
Joined: Joined: 2008-10-17 09:55:44
Character style: Pro-Survivor ZKer
Favorite equipment: Banana oh and Axe too !
Current status:

Dead (and Urban too)(Undead actually)

Group: Axes High
Likes: Life Hope Humor
Dislikes: Death
Character Profile Life Cultist
Maltonians like challenges so much they constantly ask for stronger zombies; Zombies enjoy nerfing survivors all the time; You know where all this leads don't you?

Life Cultist Ankh.jpg They call me
"Life Cultist"
Death cultists will call you that way

unless you bend over to Barrhah !

Hello there ! Fire arms are somewhat poor here,
they only work at pointblank range and I still wonder how... could manage to miss a target that close with a shotgun!
But we do have wonderful medical science in Malton! Amazing they did it:
they revived deads with syringues!
Alas, so few people know how to use available medicines !
Here are some pills for you : take them when you dont feel good, they wont keep you alive if you happen to jump from the top of a tower but you will always stay sane,
even when the worst things happen to you

Oh I almost forgot to tell you :
there is also a band of demented people in Malton!
They spend their time wrecking the city and eating anything like your neighbours brains by example.
Not happy with that, they think I am deranged because I'm not following their brains diet and also they worship an undead banana called Barah or something. When I saw that, I laughed out loud and they called me heretic or Life cultist or something !
Haha so lets call me a Life Cultist ! : D

Oh My! so many ignorant people caught what they thought to be a mind altering disease lately !
People please again learn how to keep your brain safe, there are solutions to not catch ZD:
please contact your local surgeon to give you the Basic Brain Protection NeuroImplants.
Warning there are some scammers like RedRum and BrainROT RUM
who perform surgery without license plus they have been reported to
use outdated even rotted products and inappropriate surgery tools ->

unsuitable scalpel
wrong anesthetics

Malton unite against the crazed fellowship of the undead banana !


This user confiscates bananaz
from naughty gangbangzambahz
and donates them to feed the Zoo pets! Maltonian protester demonstrating disapproval against the cult of Barhah, the undead banana.

Thinkingmonkey.jpg Friend Of The Zoo
The Thinking Monkey brings luck to friends of the Malton City Zoo!
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It is either not completed or is about a subject or event which has yet to finish.
Feel free to check back later for an update in information.
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