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For stuff that pisses me off to no end - both in game, and on the wiki.

Coherence not guaranteed.

Combat Revives, Zombie Spies, and stupid survivors

Ah, the old combat revive. Possibly the most controversial tactic in all Malton. I usually see harmanz blasting off about combat revives reviving "zombie spies," pkers, and the like. So what's the truth about the humble needle?

They are the best weapon in the game - especially when the not-so-humble NecroTech building is the target.

A few common complaints/concerns follow:

  • When you combat revive a zombie, you are really combat reviving a zombie spy
Zombie spies don't exist. Period. Ferals don't have anyone to report their spying data to - they aren't in a horde and usually don't use metagaming sources, while metagaming zombies can get all the intel they want from metagaming sources for 0AP. Some groups may use zombie spies, but they'll usually have dedicated revivers for the revive.
  • A combat revived zombie will kill you or GK
Perhaps. Now, let's talk AP:
  1. Cost to combat revive the zombie: 10AP. Not cheap, but compared to a pistol (27AP) or a shotgun (22AP) - both assuming a zombie with 60HP+a flak. So that's a saving of at least 10 AP
  2. Cost for the zombie to stand up (as a harman): 1AP (assuming ankle grab)
  3. Cost for the zombie to kill you: See above - around 25AP
  4. Cost for you to get revived: 10-20AP.
  • For you - roughly 20AP
  • For the zambah - at least 30AP
So from an AP point of view, a zombie standing up and Pking you isn't really a bad thing. That's assuming they do - which is unlikely
Likewise, the same for Gking - it's annoying, but it's a risk worth taking, in many cases.
  • A combat revived zombie will decade
LOLWUT? Decading as a zombie is far more effective then doing so as a survivor. That is all.
  • A combat revived zombie will create Piñatas
Again, perhaps. These require a fair bit of skill, luck, and co-ordination to do effectively, and your usual feral probably won't do it (or even know how.)
  • A combat revived zombie will buy human skills usable as a zombie (Bodybuilding, NecroTech Employment, etc,) and a flak jacket
Bodybuilding and a flak jacket can now be mirrored by the zombie skill Flesh Rot. So that argument is invalid.
And the locations of NecroTech buildings can be found easily. On a map.
  • Combat reviving is unfair
So a human turning a zombie into a human is unfair, but a zombie turning a human into a zombie isn't? Weird logic.

Of course, combat revives aren't completely risk free - there's always the chance that you will revive a Pker. Most of the risks are extremely overblown by combat reviving's detractors, however.

Finally, here's who people should and should not combat revive: Revive:

  • A zombie with no human skills and less then 250XP (enough to buy the human skills one needs)
  • A dual naturist
  • A new zombie player
  • A zombie in a group that forbids death culting (such as the MOB)

Maybe revive

  • Any zombie not listed above or below\

Don't revive

  • A zerg
  • A death cultist

That is all. This was written as I've found a heap of dumb humans who think that combat reviving is OMG REVIVING A ZED SPAI!!!!

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This too. Linkthewindow  Talk  04:26, 16 July 2009 (BST)
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