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Li's version of what really happened at Lithedarkangel's Meth Lab. (In response to Haliman111)
Note: I'm a Meth addict...Do not expect logic here...
Second Note: Go hail Haliman111 !!!

You are inside Ackland Mall. The sound of Lithedarkangel's Meth Lab echoes throughout the Mall... There are 162 people here. You recognize Haliman111 (10 hp), Lithedarkangel (35 hp), Cyadora (XXX hp), and A meth syringe property of Li (4 uses left). Also here are "too many zombies to count" .

A Portable Generator has been set up here. It is running on blood.
Somebody has spraypainted METH! METHMETHMETHMETHMETHMETH!!!! on everything. Lithedarkangel's hands are still covered in paint.

Since your last turn:
  • You hear A random chicken say "WE'RE UNDER ATTACK! They are going to kill us all!! We have to get the hell out of this place RIGHT NOW!!". (16 hours ago)
  • Some random NOOB Says "I IZ DA SHIT! I KILL DA NOOoB zoMBIES!" (14 hours ago)
  • You see a Zombie kill Some random NOOB (12 hours ago)
  • You see all the Zombies murder a survivor and sing in Kizombie. (11 and a half hours ago)
  • You see Haliman111 Try to inject himself with meth for 100 damage. He fails.(9 hour and 3 minutes ago)
  • You hear Cyadora putting on a strip tease. (9 hours ago)
  • You see a Zombie destroy the last of the barricades. You recognize him as Bub (8 and a half hours ago)
  • You hear The Idiot say "BRING IT, BEOTCH!!" (8 hours and 22 minutes ago)
  • You see a Zombie horde kill The Idiot (8 hours and 25 minutes ago)
  • You see another Zombie enter. (8 hours and 4 minutes ago)
  • You see A meth syringe on the floor.(7 hours and 15 minutes ago)
  • You see Haliman111 killing every zombie that destroyed the meth lab. (4 hours and 16 minutes ago)
  • You see Bub reach for the syringe.(35 minutes ago)
  • You see Lithedarkangel change his clothes. (34 minutes ago)
  • You see Meth Man flying over the zombies. (30 minutes ago)
  • You hear Meth Man says: "Give the Meth back Bub!! (29 minutes and 13 seconds ago)
  • You see Meth Man attack and dump all the zombies outside using A meth syringe that Bub stole. (27 minutes ago)
  • You see Meth Man use A meth syringe on you. (20 minutes ago)
  • You are overdosed... Ooops! (20 minutes ago)

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