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In-game. Livid is the codename, the Handler of several Survivors in Malton. He is so Secret that he does not go under the name of Livid and can never be found.

Out of game. Some bastard got before me with the name of Livid, but I use it as my UD Wiki, so my three Survivor alts go under different names.

Benjamin Wilson

Whilst conducting medical research in a Helicopter two years after the Initial Outbreak, his helicopter was fired upon, his wife Rachel who was also a researcher disappeared in the crash. The Soldier assigned to protect had died on impact with the Pilots. He managed to escape and hide for many days close to the Quarantine border, but he wasn't let out.

One day a tape recorder was thrown over, the man on the tape, said he was called Livid, and gave the Scientist to the nearest DEM Academy.

He Serves as a Lab Technician in the Malton Forensics Unit, in the NW-3 District, Barricading healing, and of course reviving, and tries to make sure theres always a healthy amount of survivors in the area he is working.

New mfu.jpg
MFU logo.jpg Malton Forensics Unit
Benjamin Wilson is a member of the MFU.

Sgt Lenimen

He was detective in the Malton Police Force, (pre outbreak) on news that his sisters, research helicopter and been downed inside the Quarantine Zone, he tried to use his rank to get a helicopter ride inside. But all Helicopters had been grounded until the cause of the crash had been identified.

Then he was approached by a Pilot who wore special forces gear, he said his code name was Livid, and that he could only hover over the crash site for a minute, without being caught by the authorities. Sgt Lenimen, knew he would be trapped inside Quarantine, to find some answers.

Later on he joined the New MPD, and got in contact with his brother in law, later on he realized the New Police force wasn't for him.

He is Currently in the Group The Fortress at their lovely boot camp.

Rachel Vandal

Awoke at a Fire Station, She was pulled from the Wreckage of a Helicopter crash. She Remembered only chopping wood with her parents in the Forest. No name, she then took the name of a Jacket she had found in the fire station. She then managed to join Axes High.

Pinjet3.jpg In Axes we trust!
Rachel Vandal is a member of the Axes High.

The Blackness

The man, was assigned to Protect a Scientific Helicopter, with Two scientists they were married, and were monitoring Maltons air. The Helicopter crashed and he was killed. Not knowing his name, all Id was burnt in the helicopter fire. After that his Undead form hated humans, he lusted, hungered, to kill, eat claw at the living. He hung around with murderers and other zombies, he became intelligent one day when he was combat revived he decided to kill more whilst he lived.

After waking up and grabbing gun. He held to a sleeping survivors head, he couldn't pull the trigger and his military past came back. Shocked at what he had become, he decided to walk Malton trying to find Atonement for what he had done.

He now serves the saints, helping to generate good publicity and protect the survivors of malton from murderers.

Then he got fed up of getting bossed by all the paper work, dammit he now uses a gun to kill all he wants. He found life was without meaning or consequence, and atonement would never help.

A Twisted Tale

The Story of how they are all linked (working Progress) A Twisted Tale

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