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The Logue is a member of Urban Dead and is a civilian cop. He is currently a DHPD officer and planned on joining their cause in Uppill (West Becktown), until it was taken by ZOMBIES. Badge #0011.

Dhpd.jpg Badge0011DHPD.png

Logan McRedding
Starting Occupation: Police Officer
Group Membership: Dunell Hills Police Department
Goals: To rid Malton of the Zombie menace and find his two brothers in Malton
Username: The Logue.
More details: Urban Dead profile


Logan McRedding (aka: The Logue) was born into a poor and nearly homeless family on the outskirts of London. When his father and mother were killed due to a criminal group, Logan started dreaming about becoming a Police Officer. His sister moved to Boston, Massachusetts in the United States years later and started sending money back to Logan and his two older brothers. Logan kept his money hidden, until he was able to invest it in a bank. He and his brothers moved to Malton when his oldest brother was offered a "Top Secret" job. His brother was never seen again, but sent money back. Logan's other brother was hired by the same company and sent money back as well... Until all the money from his brothers stopped. He received a letter from the unnamed company that both of them died in "experimentation." The Logue was 18 and dedicated his life to fighting crime and the death of human beings. He went through school, the academy, and training and was quickly accepted into the Malton Police Force. In his final years of the academy he finally met somebody he could relate to, Marty Banks. Logan was a bit older than most others in the academy, but that was due to his late start. When he finished he wished Marty good luck and was stationed at Yapp Square Police Dept. in Havercroft, but moved to Curle Street Police Dept. in West Becktown one year later. During the initial days of the outbreak, The Logue managed to hide and protect a select group of survivors on the border. Marty, however, stayed with the Police Force in mutual agreement with Logan. When border patrol was inproved the group went into hiding in the sewers. Zombie activity in the sewers, however, eventually made them move to Caiger Mall... but after the Third Siege of Caiger Mall, most died. The Logue, however, was in West Becktown at the time and was able to survive. He was a bit upset to find out the woman he developed a crush on during hiding had died. Recently, he has taken the initiative to go out and kill zombies. He joined Dunell Hills Police Department and their cause in Uppill thanks to Marty Banks and other DHPD officers in his old precinct. He is a 28 year old cop who enjoys being busy and loves his family unconditionally.

The Logue
Solo Worn Logue.png
Joined: October 28, 2007
Character class: Civilian
Favorite equipment: Pistol/Revivification Syringe
Character profile: Urban Dead profile
Current status: Alive
Character group: Dunell Hills Police Department
Character stats: 14 kills, 14 revives, 7 deaths.
Journal: "No journal" for The Logue

Police Force History

When Logan was finally accepted into the Police force he was slow to understand the procedures. He was much more a shoot first, ask questions later type of guy. His chief kept giving him a hard time and after a while he started feeling a bit depressed. He started going to a bar to drink away his worries, due to his low tolerance. There he met Jay, and they became pals and would watch sports in the bar together once a week. After a few years of intensive training he finally understood how the Police Force worked. He wanted to become a detective, but never spoke up. The day he entered his chief's office to tell him he wanted to join the homicide division, his chief wasn't there. He asked around and finally found that he was off fighting some new criminal fringe group... what happened later that day everybody still alive in Malton knows... That was the day the outbreak sprung and Logan went into hiding with a bunch of civilians. Over time his gun skills deminished as well as many other Police Skills, so now he's trying to remember and "reboot" his former training.

Early Outbreak Turnabouts

After coming out of hiding, The Logue thought almost entirely about killing off zombies. He attacked and attacked but they never seemed to die. He was discouraged. He wanted to protect the lives of the citizens. That's when he entered a NecroTech building. He searched the building only to find a DNA Extractor and a handbook labelled "NecroTech guide to becoming a Lab Assistant." After careful studying Logan was able to identify and operate DNA Extractors and Revivification Syringes. He searched a local NecroTech laboratory and found a syringe that looked like one of the ones in the handbook. He found a zombie and injected it into the spine. Nothing seemed to happen. He tried again, but failed. Was he doing it wrong or were the syringes broken? Maybe they had expired... That's when he decided to try a syringe on an unsuspecting survivor outside. The survivor started cringing in pain, that's when Logan realized it was the wrong syringe. Quickly glancing through the files inside the building Logan found that the lab was not as dedicated to regeneration as to creating "super soldiers." "Project Wolfbane," or so it was called, was under wraps from some head scientists. Mainly one that had headed a similar project, DHRR10. The intern in charge of overseeing this part of the operation happened to be an old friend of Logan's, one that he met through his brothers. That is when Logan realized that his brothers were most likely used in terrible NecroTech experiments. Logan felt terrible, he was trying his best to aid the corporation that brought all his troubles upon him. But his personal life was not going to get in his way, he was going to revive as many people as possible, while maintaining justice if he could. He left the building and decided to head for his old precinct, Curle Street Police Department.

DHPD History

After finding the new Police Chief of Curle Street Police Department he realized he needed to step up his efforts in regaining the City of Malton. At first he was reluctant to join DHPD, but after running a few errands for Marty Banks he decided he might as well aid them in their efforts. He was fairly new, but had a few big encounters after starting. A few days after he joined up, the Zombies came in and took West Becktown with a strong arm. They ransacked all of West Becktown and forced The Logue to run for shelter in neighboring suburbs. While he was evacuating he ran into Cottam PD Chief Razi who helped him understand a lot more about what he got involved in joining DHPD. The Logue ran south to North Blythville and restocked on Syringes... and upon returning found Razi and a few other officers waiting at Hanlon Park for a revive. He was quick to revive them, at his own possible sacrifice. He was running the streets one night when he came across a large dog... or so he thought. When DHRR10 looked up to see who was passing him, Logan was shocked. A DHPD werewolf? Just then, out of the nearby building came Heather with a First-Aid Kit. The three talked about recent events in the suburb, until Logan left. He joined up with DHPD Bravo Squad's Leader Captain Fragger and some other DHPD officers and followed them around as they stocked up to take Caiger Mall. Once the team advanced to Caiger though, The Logue returned to West Becktown. He went into communications and found his long-lost friend Ian, who had joined DHPD as well. Marty Banks placed him in temporary command of Curle Street PD and he took it seiously, even willing to die barricading Curle and The Oxley Building (West Becktown). After dying in Oxley, The Logue stayed down for a month and a half, but upon standing up realized nobody was around and heard gunshots and familiar shouts from the west. He quickly ran to Dunell Hills, or at least as fast as a zombie could run. The DHPD was making its final stand against the oncoming hordes and quickly revived him. But once he came around, the entire burb had fallen prey to the zombies again and he ran to the closest safe spot he could find. The DHPD was spread thin, so Logan looked for some familiar faces and decided to help out the DHPD in Owsleybank. After stocking up, he heard that there was going to be a wedding in St. Luke's Cathedral and ran over to enforce security. Murderers and burglars attacked and killed off most of the DHPD attending the wedding, as well as the groom and the priest. Since joining DHPD his stats are: 7 Kills, 14 Revives, 0 Warrents Executed, 5 Service Ribbons, 0 Headshots, 7 Deaths (1 PKed).

Service Ribbons

Paid Member =$$=
Master Reviver =XX=
2 Month Service //]
Operations in Oweslybank =OB=
Operations in West Becktown =WB=

Current Malton History

After moving to Malton The Logue did not change very much. He remained a shy, conservative kid until now. He is still a conservative person, but has learned how to speak up when the need rises. Currently, his only friends are his best friend from the academy Marty Banks, his bar buddy Jay, Cottam Chief Razi, near-twin friend Ian, his werewolf pal DHRR10, and DHRR10's gal Heather. He does not know where his family is, even though he believes that his sister may have arrived in Malton the day before the outbreak. He also believes that his two brothers are zombies along with the woman he had a crush on during his days of hiding. The Logue died in West Becktown and was revived in Dunell Hills by CriisTom. The DHPD was making its final stand but were routed and The Logue ran south to Molebank.

Area Of Operation

West Becktown

Fire Stations


NecroTech Facilities

Police Departments


Bulletin Boards

Revive Points


Fire Stations


NecroTech Facilities

Police Departments None

Malls None

Bulletin Boards

Revive Points


Fire Stations


NecroTech Facilities

Police Departments

Malls None

Bulletin Boards

Revive Points None


Tried to maintain the peace at the wedding, but too many PKers took hold.

Weapons of Destruction


The Remington Model 11-87


Desert Eagle Mark XIX

Fire axe.jpg

The Fire Axe


A Flaregun


Aside from "The Logue".... Logan McRedding is a JACK OF ALL TRADES!!!
Lemme see...
- Logan the Zed Killer
- Logan the Vampire Slayer
- Logan the Deliveryboy
- Logan the Duct Tape Master
- Logdor the Woodinator (First coined by DHRR10)
- Logan the [Monopoly] Banker
- Logan the Puzzled
- Logue "The Lunchmeat" Sandwhich (Meatshielding)


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