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Logolight.jpg Randoms Member
This user is a member of The Randoms; a Buttonville-based group of helpful, jovial and incredibly attractive survivors.
Contacting LordDragonfang
This character can be reached on the following radio frequencies:

Frequency: 26.84 MHz
Frequency: N/A MHz

This character can not be reached by Mobile Phone (mast status permitting)
Lord Dragonfang

The Randoms‎

Joined: 2008/10/13
Character Details: Urban Dead profile
Rank: Randoms Bravo Corporal
Character Class: Scientist
Favorite Equipment: DNA Extractor
Favorite Weapon: Fire Axe
Backup Weapon: Pistol
Current Status: Alive
Location: Buttonville
Current Level: 29
Kills: (zeds) 26
Revives: 1
Deaths: 7
Group: The Randoms
Current Operation: N/A
Test: Blank
Last Updated: 00:20, 28 May 2009 (BST)
Necrotech logo.png NecroTech Employee
This user is a NecroTech Employee.

Cheese.jpg Mmmm, cheese…
Lorddragonfang really, really likes cheese.

Lord Dragonfang is a relatively sane scientist that once worked for NecroTech, experimenting with a mysterious anti-undead substance know as ectoplasm, rumored to be similar to the mk1 revival serum. (rumor also has it that his brother was conducting similar experiments, but now is among the shambling ranks of undead). He also experimented with various methods of time travel. Upon discovering, after the outbreak, that the Randoms had managed to succeed in inventing time travel in their quest for chicken cassaroles, he quickly joined their operation and become a valued member of bravo squad. He always wears his Randoms pimp hat and an odd silver seven-sided star amulet, and rambles on about dragons and time travel.

Doctor Who TARDIS in flight.jpg Doctor Who fan
This user is a fan of Doctor Who.
Hence the mumbling about time
travel, the time vortex, and such.