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Lt Potter
Starting Occupation: Science
Group Membership:
Goals: Looking for work, keeping The Edson Building up and running
Username: ltpotter
More details: Urban Dead profile


Suggestion:20090704 New Building: Survivor Center

Basic Info

Arrived in the City: 2006-02-08 00:24:57

Current Status: Active


Arrived fresh in the City along the 501st Armed Division, but left during the fight for the stadiums. They did not perk my interest.

I am not a Fan of Reptileus due to the fact that he is a moron and has declared a personal War on Xyu. Later he would end up joining the guy and become some kind of... Misha or something.

Tried to form the Arkham Department of Police and Fire Emergency in order to combat the Zombies in Arkham. Failed.

Joined DHPD then left for personal reasons, then returned to the fight and Joined DHPD for 9 months. Left DHPD after I was blamed for crimes I did not commit.

Currently residing at The Edson Building as a new house. MOVED OUT

Attempting to gain entrance into Fortress


Currently looking for work... also setting up my new home.