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ZombieHand.gif Proud To Be Dead
This user is a zombie and proud of it.

My Zambahz:



My take on the concept of Barhah!

I never knew of Barhah until December 2005; I saw it first hand during the On Strike protest. It showed me that while harmanz have guns, axes, needles & barricades; they lack one thing that every zambah everywhere has: each other.

Up until around December '05 I was a headshotting, CRing harman, doing pretty much anything I needed to do to survive. Every day I feared being killed, either by zombies or PKers. Fear basically ruled my survivor's existence, fear of everyone & everything around them. So basically I did what most survivors do now: looked for various supplies, barricaded buildings, revived zambahz, complained that some zambah or another had sent me on my way to the nearest revive point & so on.

Eventually, while playing my harman(z), I found my self doing things not for the benefit of other harmanz but purely for my self. I didn't heal others because they needed it, I healed them so when a hostile party visited there would be less % of the total hit points being me sitting there to be eaten, shot, chopped, etc. Eventually I realized that, after doing this & things like it, harmanz are inherently self-centered because it's required to survive.

Zambahz on the other hand have nothing to fear & being selfish is essentially the same as being altruistic for the most part. Zambahz know that everyday they're going to wake up with a headshot, that the most recent groan is probably EHB & lit, every zambah knows this & accepts it because that's part of being a zambah. Zambahz never know fear because there is nothing to be afraid of, when a zambah is "killed" going back to being a zombie is either a window or a ?rise away.

Zambahz see every opened occupied building as a tiny victory, every infected harman on the street is a tiny victory, every ZK by a level 1 zambah trying to get xp is a tiny victory. Zambahz know this because without other zambahz, eating harmanz becomes a rarity.

So really to me Barhah is the feeling every zambah gets when they enter a populated NT building, feed a harman to a babah, drag a harman from a mall, infect an actively barricading survivor or break a syringe with brain rot. Every zambah can feel it, the only question is: are you a zambah that will embrace it?

Autobiography (I hated writing it as much as you hated reading it)

Once upon a time, my friend (who has a 3 digit character) told me about this game. So I joined Urban dead. I did the best I could for harmanity with the characters I was playing. (I also did things that I'm very much not proud of now). That was up until the strike (mentioned above). Such reason for abandoning harmanity & embracing Barhah are described above. After which I was kinda a lay person with the RRF's group 1 lead by Paddy Fitzgerald. I followed the RRF around pretty much until... well group 0 was formed, and Sonny was made leader of the zambah horde. Eventually I drifted away from the RRF. Settling into an informal Gray guard role in the 'bonk. This was while I played Nexus War, fought for the Ridleytown resistance front, joined & eventually completely screwed up the leading of the strike team that shall not ever be named here.

Eventually some things happened within the RRF that I'd prefer to not discuss. Essentially I felt as if the Ridleybank Resistance Front had somewhat lost it's path. So my zambah dropped their RRF group affiliation but stayed within and defended the 'bonk. When I saw the Militant Order of Barhah recruitment message on I saw what I remembered from the RRF. To me it was what the RRF forgot it was. It was a group that was everything that zambahz should be for me. Proud & completely rejecting anything other than being zambahz. I eventually became something of an important figure (despite the holiday I took). Such is my story.

I would like to state that I believe in my heart that there should be a zambah homeland for zambahz by zambahz with out any cooperation from harmanz.