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Ludwig is one of the oldest members of the UD community, having created his first character in early July. He had a large hand in gaining information early on the game (Item lists, maps ETC). When the first unofficial forums came up, Ludwig was one of the first to sign up. He and Drakkenmaw were the two most active members at the time. Once the CoL was formed, Ludwig was also put on the council by Daxx.

After a long vacation, he came back to the forums and was promoted to a Mod by Inscyer. Known for being strict about people spamming and going off topic, he was a prime target when the people from Something Awful came and began to spam the boards. The most famous of which, Katthew, was banned after only a few posts for being insulting to members and Mods. This outraged SA, they began a large annoyance campaign on the boards, this ended in moderate failure, and another one of there members banned by Ludwig. Upon realizing that they had no way of attacking him outright, SA launched a mass PM to Inscyer about his Modding ability. Most of the information in these PMs contained lies, calling Ludwig "Ban happy" when in reality the only two members he ever banned were SA spammers.

For unknown reasons, most likely sick of drama, Inscyer closed down the boards. He soon put them back up, leaving the two least-posting active Mods in charge. This lead to further SA spamming. Eventually, new Mods were appointed to the forum, when Ludwig inquired about the position; Xenomrph told Ludwig that he had gotten several PMs about Ludwig's overzealous Modding. He has yet to provide any evidence for these PMs or about any Modding Ludwig has done that was poorly done.

Not wanting to watch the forums he worked so hard to build up burn to ashes around him thanks to a few people with too much free time, Ludwig left the boards, citing that SA had ruined the boards and the game (via their mass PKing).

Later, Ludwig decided that SA was not nearly as powerful as he had once thought and had not in fact, affected the game much at all, and has now retuned to activity out of the game itself. Ludwig has taken back his seat on CoL, replacing the hole left by Daxx, and has created his own forum as an alternative to the SA controlled ones at:

As of now, SA continues to attempt to torment him, proving once and for all that they lack any self-control whatsoever. Not even Glitchkrieg, who claims to be a mature and reasonable person, finds himself above childish pranks. EMoney is doing the same thing, showing he is no better than Glitchkrieg. Ludwig stands up to them and proves he is better than them by not resorting to the same sad tactics.

Additional note: Ludwig does not like SA, and they do not like Ludwig. This page has become a bit of a battleground because of it.