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Template:Infobox soap character 2 Lyle Riveras (born May 29, 1986) is a fictional character in the text-based MMO Urban Dead.

Originally stationed as a police officer at the Lessey Lane Police Department in Shearbank, Riveras was on his first shift as a police officer when the outbreak occurred, and shortly after left Shearbank and disappeared. For over five years Riveras was missing and considered deceased by those who knew him, although in reality he was hiding out in various parts of the city. However, in late December 2010, Riveras started to make his way back towards Shearbank, and in 2011, he reappeared, finding the place he once called home in shambles.

Character History

Early Life

Lyle Riveras was born on May 29th, 1986, to Lyle Riveras, Sr. and Sarah Riveras. Lyle, the oldest of his generation, did not know his mother past the age of five - an alcoholic, she left the family and was never heard from again. Lyle Sr. was a police officer at the Lessey Lane Police Department in Shearbank, only two blocks west of the family's home. Lyle and his siblings attended Keedwell Plaza School, as it was only one block southwest of the family home. As Lyle's biggest influence growing up, Lyle was inspired to be a police officer after, at the age of 15, he witnessed his father be tragically shot down outside their house by a gang member who's brother was arrested by Lyle Sr. - he ended up dying in Lyle's arms. Lyle also had two siblings: Jackie, his twin brother, and Jeanne, his younger sister.

Police Academy and Pre-Outbreak Life

Lyle dropped out of high school within a year of his father's death to provide for his two siblings. Taking a part-time job as a paper delivery boy, a waiter, and also a low-paying shift as the Lessey Lane Police Department's "coffee boy", he was able to raise enough cash to pay for basic living for his family. He was also shown to be extremely intelligent; at the time he dropped out of high school he had a 94 average in all of his classes. Lyle was consistently told by his father's police colleagues and childhood friends that he did not want Lyle to grow up to be a police officer, but Lyle would have none of it.

Riveras signed up to join the Malton police academy in February of 2004, having been accepted afterwards and starting his schooling in September of that year. He was part of the graduating class of June 2005, and on July 2nd, was assigned to start the next day at Lessey Lane.

The Outbreak

However, it was not to be. On July 3rd, 2005, just as he appeared at the station for his first day at work at 8 AM, the Malton Incident - which had already by that time claimed its' first casualties - started to become much larger than anything the city had dealt with before. Lyle was called - along with his new partner, Jack Leiphaig - to the Meaker Lane Fire Station, where it was reported that "an erratic group of people" were trying to break into the fire station. However, once Riveras and Leiphaig arrived there with other units from other Shearbank precincts, it soon became clear that this wasn't just a group of vandals - one of the first things Lyle witnessed as a police officer was a zombie eating the corpse of a fire fighter.

Riveras and Leiphaig exited their patrol car, and Riveras immediately took down three zombies with headshots. Once the two officers and their other collegaues took down the situation outside, they proceeded inside the fire station, where there was nothing short of carnage. Two officers were bitten by zombies almost immediately, and Riveras continued to take down more and more of them with every passing moment. Riveras' and Leiphaig's struggle at this time was captured on a dead officer's radio:

Riveras: These fucking things are all over the place! What the hell is going on?

Leiphaig: It's pretty obvious they've mutated into something, no human being does shit like this!

R: Jesus! They just killed Downey! Let's get out of here!

Riveras and Leiphaig proceeded to fall back once they were the last officers standing, however as they evacuated the fire station, Leiphaig was bitten on the neck by a zombie, who Riveras then proceeded to shoot. Leiphaig, severely wounded by the zombie, was lifted up and brought into the police cruiser by Riveras, who raced back to Lessey Lane, which had started to see its' own effects of the outbreak. Two zombies were outside the department, but were swiftly run over by Riveras, who carried Leiphaig inside the station. He placed Leiphaig on a table in an interrogation room, and got up to go get a medic, when Leiphaig grasped his hand.

Leiphaig, who knew he wasn't going to last due to the severity of the wound - the zombie had bitten into and tore off a chunk of his neck - begged Riveras to stay with him. Riveras complied, and sat next to Leiphaig, holding onto his hand tightly for the next hour as he expired. He got up, taking one last look at Leiphaig's body before turning and leaving the interrogation room. At this point, Lessey Lane was still pretty safe, as only one zombie had tried to break in and was swiftly executed. Deciding it was safe to take Leiphaig somewhere to bury him, Riveras walked back into the room only to be grabbed by Leiphaig's corpse. He quickly kicked him off, and then shot him in the head. It was at this that he considered the danger his family could be in.

He rushed to his house two blocks away, only just in time to witness the horrific murder of his sister, Jeanne. He angrily shot ten zombies outside his house, even going so far as to grab his father's prized rifle and bash in the head of the zombie who killed his sister, then proceeding to shoot him in the head twice with the rifle. Jackie, scared and angered to near insanity by witnessing the death of his sister, ran away from Lyle before Lyle could even try to catch him. Lyle never found him afterwards, although that is his ultimate hope for the future.

After returning to the police station, Lyle was finally informed that, after almost fifteen years, his mother had been found, but sadly it was only because she was a casualty of the outbreak. As a zombie, she was later ironically shot by Lyle when he came across her years later.


After the tumultuous events of July 3rd, Lyle was last seen by Clark Wilhelm, one of his father's old colleagues, breaking into a police cruiser and driving off. A couple of months later, due to a failure of communication about another officer Riveras from the Somerside Drive Police Department in Whittenside, whos' zombified corpse was found all the way over in Millen Hills, Lyle was thought to be deceased.

However, this was not the case. Lyle had decided, after a close brush with suicide, that he was going to live and find his brother. To this end, he would stay in places all around Malton for anywhere from an hour to a few months in time, drifting around Malton over the next five years in an attempt to find Jackie, dead, alive, or undead.

Living In Seclusion


Lyle would only stay in Roachtown for a week or two to stay close to and reminisce about his life in Shearbank. To this end, he utilized Club Willshire as a safehouse for about a week, which is where he nearly ended his life with his revolver. However, after thinking it over, he decided to continue fighting the outbreak. To this end, he would travel to the various police stations around Roachtown in order to gather weapons and supplies. Eventually, once the club was barricaded, he moved onto St. Dionysius's Church for another week.

Eventually, Lyle decided Roachtown was useless for him to survive there, packing up and leaving on foot - his cruiser had been destroyed by other survivors who took the parts out of it - heading southwest.


After brief spells in Ridleybank, Barrville, Galbraith Hills, and Mockridge Heights - all of which he only stopped in to rest for a few hours - Lyle arrived in Tapton in the early days of August 2005.

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