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Bounty Hunter Guild
Abbreviation: BHG
Size: Various groups

and individuals

Goals: Greater coordination

between all bounty hunters

Contact: Forum

Welcome to the Bounty Hunter Guild wiki. This page has been written with an emphasis on bounty hunting and so does not necessarily provide a neutral point of view. Here we will explain the typical terms used in the community and any tools and resources which might be useful for anyone interested in becoming a Bounty Hunter.

The Bounty Hunter Guild (BHG) is a forum where bounty hunters can talk to and coordinate with other bounty hunters. It has a public area which is open to everyone and a private area accessible only to bounty hunters who have submitted the required evidence as proof of their trade. Though coordination may also take place on other forums, particularly group forums, this is the central place where most BHers now meet.

Bounty Hunters

A Bounty Hunter (BHer) kills Player Killers (PKers). Given the lack of official law in Malton BHers might be considered more similar to vigilantes than law men, while some even say BHers are nothing more than PKers themselves. There are significantly more PKers than BHers and as such a more challenging style of play and many opportunities to make a name for oneself await any prospective new hunter.

Frequent challenges are held with hunters competing alone or in teams over the course of a month. Each challenge is based on something different, from a game of scrabble to the signs of the zodiac, and much more. The challenges were run every month between November 2007 to December 2008 on the original Brainstock (the details/winners of these can be found here) and less frequently after that until early 2010. It was during this time the challenges were moved from the Bounty Hunter Lounge on Brainstock to the BHG. Though there have been no challenges since then they may be started again at any time.

The Bounty Hunter leaderboard shows the overall top 10 bounty hunters by number of claims. It was created in April 2008 with claims being counted from February of that year and ran until mid-2010 when the RG moved to its new home. There are currently plans to create a new leaderboard for the new RG.


Player Killers

In the literal definition of the term a player killer is anyone who kills another player, but since every character in Urban Dead has a player behind them even killing a zombie would make you a PKer. In more practical terms a PKer is one who kills other survivors that don't have a bounty themselves and this is what separates them from every other faction of the game, including bounty hunters. They do this for many varied reasons, or for no reason at all.

The Rogues Gallery

The names and current bounties of all reported PKers are recorded on the Rogues Gallery (RG). When a PK is reported the killer is assigned a bounty of at least two points per kill. The list is maintained by a group of volunteer moderators and the information it contains can be accessed at any time by any body. The RG uses an evidence based system, which means a screenshot evidence of a kill and other required information must be submitted with any PK report or bounty claim. If the evidence does not exist or is not sufficient the report will be rejected.

First created by the Department of Emergency Management from the Brainstock forum the RG became independent from the DEM In 2006, though it still operated from it own area of Brainstock. In 2010 the RG moved to a new forum and a new system whereby claims and reports are added directly into the system by the user rather than via a separate forum.

There are various other PKer list run by other organisations throughout the city, but the BHG supports the Rogues Gallery only.

So you want to be a Bounty Hunter?

Good to hear. People become bounty hunters for many reasons; maybe you've been PKed yourself and want some revenge or to stop it happening to someone else, maybe you've tried the regular survivor or zombie experience and want to try something new, or maybe you just enjoy killing but only want to target those who deserve it. Whatever your reason we're happy to have you with us.

Becoming a BHer is easy, all you need to do is start killing PKers who are listed on the Rogues Gallery. It's advisable to start with a character that is already high level as survivor on survivor kills only receive half the amount of XP, so levelling up a new character as a BHer will take twice as long. You're also going to get targeted more often by PKers so you don't want to be at a disadvantage by not having the necessary skills. Several tools and resources exist to make things easier, but it's possible to do the job using only what Kevan gave you.

You'll then want to sign up at the BHG, so you can get to know your fellow hunters and get some answers to any questions you might have. You wont be able to get access to the private area until you've amassed 5 kills in a 2 week period, but all our guides are available for public viewing. It's worthwhile getting access to the private area as soon as possible as this is where all the sightings are and where all the coordination takes place.

If you want to learn the ropes quickly you might consider joining a group which specialises in your new trade, and you're in luck because there are several to chose from. Each of these groups have their own recruitment process and you can find out what you need to do on their wiki page. You might also spot their recruitment threads on various forums such as Brainstock. The next section is a list of the groups which currently have access to the Bounty Hunter Guild, and you wont go far wrong joining any one of them.


Fallen Saints


Malton Marshals

Team Extreme

The Saints

Tools of the trade

Though by no means an exhaustive list, you may find these tools useful in your career as a bounty hunter. There is a more detailed guide available on the BHG if you need help installing or using these tools.

Tools providing similar functionality are listed together.

  • UDTool / UDWidget - Both allow the use of the RG UDTool list, which colours the names of all PKers with active bounties red in game. Each tool offers several other features.
  • Screengrab - Allows you to save entire web pages, or just parts of them, as an image without the need to use print screen and paint.
  • Greasemonkey - The following user made scripts require this.
    • ActOnProfile - Puts a link to a persons RG rapsheet at the top of their profile page, among other things.
    • DSS Satellite Phone - an in-game mobile phone that doesn't take AP to use and works for zombies
    • UDelorean – Saves your UD history allowing you to go back and take screenshots when using the back button doesn’t work

You can browse the list of available add-ons here here.

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