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Thought of November Day(s)

30 Nov

11:08, 30 Nov 2005 (GMT)

Was scaving for stuff yesterday. Killed 2 Zombies today.. but think one was looking for a rez. Opps.
The dual kills were enough to boost me up a level, but ran me rather dry of ammo. Less than 8 clips of ammo total.. and no shotgun rounds at all. Need to scav for it soon. Maybe I'll just stay in this hospital to heal instead.

28 Nov

17:01, 28 Nov 2005 (GMT)

Thought I'll get a good night's sleep. Too many moaning and groaning in the PD, so I used my last FAK to gag one of them. Which gives me enough XP to jump 2 levels to Level 22! :)

16:37, 28 Nov 2005 (GMT)

Rats. 3 XP short of leveling. Popped out of the PD I was holed up in and DNA tagged 3 Zombies standing outside. Stabbed 2 with revive syringes, and knocked the last down to 12 HP (I think) with the last of my shotgun rounds and plenty of 9mm. Then slid back into the PD for rest. Man, I'm good. :P

05:05, 28 Nov 2005 (GMT)

The last few days are fairly quiet, so I took off for an extended patrol. Went into south end of Wykewood and found a Zombie problem. Took one down, but had to retreat.

25 Nov

02:13, 25 Nov 2005 (GMT)

Another 2 days had passed. Yesterday was dull.. Patrolled Lockettside but no Zombies sighted.
Today I went further afield and managed to catch 2 Zombies. But another player stole one of the kills, damn it. Still enough XP to level up. Level 20!

23 Nov

09:38, 23 Nov 2005 (GMT)

Always did like to read. Since I have some spare time, I poked around the ruined book store in the mall. Picked up some silly book on pistols and shotguns, but it's filled with errors and I soon threw it away.
The next book, Guide to Using the Axe like a Pro was way more useful, as I learnt important techniques (such as -- Blade towards the Target! Hold Axe by Handle!). It was so informative (1 XP) that I was able to pick up Axe Proficiency. Oh, and I levelled. :)

07:55, 23 Nov 2005 (GMT)

Hmm did 2 days pass already? Spent most of yesterday scav'ing. Good loadout -- 5 loaded shotguns and 5 loaded pistols. Nearly 150 rounds of 9mm.
Went out wandering. Streets seems almost back to normal, with people hanging outside on the sidewalks. Crossed 2 suburbs before seeing one Zombie and picked it off, giving me all but 1 XP to go to the next level... sheesh.
My backpack's full now, so no point in me searching for stuff either. So I'm left with nothing to do.. hmm.

21 Nov

08:29, 21 Nov 2005 (GMT)

Got up well rested. Thought over things and decided I need a fire-axe. So I popped over to the nearby Fire Station to scav one. Found a portable generator (these things are small!), a wirecutter (who knows?) and an axe. Good, well prepped.
Headed back to the mall looking for Zombies -- found none. Saw that the Nekky building next to the mall has no barricades and the doors are open, so I took a peek inside, fearing the worst. Saw a Zombie in there, so we exchanged blows. Well, he swiped at me while I introduced him to 9mm ammo. Someone else from the sidelines introduced him to a shotgun round, and with the last of my energy I toss the carcass out the door.. Hope someone close the bloody door.

20 Nov

05:59, 20 Nov 2005 (GMT)

Someone revived me and I rested till I am fully ready. Then I stood up, walked about, and saw no Zombies. So I went back to the Mall.
Got in, searched a bit, and then realised that I was low on HP. Went to the nearby hospital, and who do I see? piledriver. Oh I settled accounts... let him have 6 shotgun rounds and a few 9mms for good measures.
And I got to Level 18 with the XP that gave me. Sweet Revenge..

19 Nov

04:00, 19 Nov 2005 (GMT)

Still pissed off about getting PK'ed. Ate veela to ease the anger.

18 Nov

12:40, 18 Nov 2005 (GMT)

What the...?
Someone by the name of Piledriver just PKed me without provocation!

10:49, 18 Nov 2005 (GMT)

Today is a day of rest.
I spent today in Tompson mall resting and scav'ing. It was a productive day; now I have 4 pistols with 95 rounds of ammo, and 4 shotguns and 7 rounds of ammo.
The low number of shotgun rounds still bothers me; I don't even carry enough for a single reload -- I don't even have all the shotguns fully loaded! Shotgun ammo is the one item that ties me down to malls, and that's not good.

17 Nov

09:14, 17 Nov 2005 (GMT)

Rested up and came out looking for Zombies. Found 2, but one was standing in a placed tagged as a revive point, so I didn't kill it. The other wasn't so fortunate; spent my last two shotgun rounds for solid hits and then blazed through most of 3 clips. He went down.
Enough XP to go to Level 17. Went with Necrotech Employment -- would be useful to find those Nekky buildings AND to get XP from tagging Zombies.
Oh, and I donated. :) This game is worth the cash. :)

16 Nov

09:41, 16 Nov 2005 (GMT)

Rested up a day. Went out on the streets of Lockettside and found a Zombie. Ventilated it. Found another one chewing on Yikes and shot it up a little.. now I have taken cover and waiting to see what it does.
Oh yeah. Hit Level 16. Got advanced shotgunning. And just about ran out of shotgun rounds. Sigh..

15 Nov

05:03, 15 Nov 2005 (GMT)

Remember I was talking about leveling to 16? So much for that idea. Lockettside and Ruddlebank are pretty quiet; some Survivors on the streets even. But no Zombies -- nada, zip, zero.
Looked at my ammo load, decided to go and stock up on ammo. Ended up being a Three Gun Jack -- found both a shotgun and a pistol. Enough ammo to reload all my shotguns but no joy on extras. Thankfully I got enough pistol ammo to last for at least one level after 16.

14 Nov

09:22, 14 Nov 2005 (GMT)

OOC: Took a look at the statistics. Roughly averaging out the levels to account for the infection and revivification flags, I'm maybe 1 in 1000 players who have hit level 15. In one and a half month's play, no less!
I need 13 XP to go to level 16. Then 1 in 800. I'll definitely hit that by tomorrow, I think -- if I didn't jinx it by saying it out loud here.

09:04, 14 Nov 2005 (GMT)

Man it's hard to find Zombies to shoot. Finally found one. Ventilated it. Down to my last reload of shells -- need to find more now.
Think I hit with 2 out of 4 rounds, so that makes it about 70% hit rate.

13 Nov

12:55, 13 Nov 2005 (GMT)

After so many days of scav'ing and resting up, I ventured out on the streets of Lockettside and took down a zombie with rapid fire from my pistols and shotguns.
Had a hard time with my pistols, even at 65%.. but once I got enough XP I learned more about my shotgun and used that too. 100% hit rate so far (3 shots) with the roomsweeper.

12 Nov

03:17, 12 Nov 2005 (GMT)

Man, in a city overran with Zombies and everyone armed to the teeth, you might expect more pistols to be available...
After searching for 2 straight days, I FINALLY gotten a pistol with 70 rounds of ammo (!) AND 2 shotguns with 10 rounds. That took maybe 100+ AP to secure -- man what a pain in the posterior.
Probably will stay till I find one more pistol. But ye gods, if I had to search for 2 days each for a pistol, it's ridiculous!

11 Nov

03:12, 11 Nov 2005 (GMT)

Looks like the massed survivors in Marven Mall blasted the 14 Zombies apart. But rumours are that the RFF and/ or Undying Scourge is targetting Marven Mall for assault.
Anyway, dug around the gun store more. Found more clips and shotgun rounds, but only found one shotgun -- and I have no shotgun skills. Sigh.

17:17, 10 Nov 2005 (GMT)

Avoid Marven Mall for now, Zombies broke through the ESB and 14 are currently in the NW Quadrant. With only 2 AP left and no weapon, I can't do diddley squat, so I skipped out fast.
Spent most of today scav'ing for equipment. Got plenty of rounds but no weapon... Sigh.

10 Nov

02:22, 10 Nov 2005 (GMT)

Time to work on my Survivor Build. :)

9 Nov

10:13, 9 Nov 2005 (GMT)

As much as I am reluctant to do so, I've raised the seige on the Cathedral. I'm simply not getting enough kills or XP there, and the Zombie hordes there aren't really concentrating on ejecting the Churchies from the premises.
Pity, I'll probably come back here some day.

6 Nov

13:57, 6 Nov 2005 (GMT)

Patrolled the Cathedral for the last 2 days and tore down some barricades. Much more resistance now, but still not a constant presence. Found 3 fleshies hiding behind a barricade and tore into them, wounding 2 and killing Feanix. Another 2 Zombies came by and finished off at least another -- saw a level 20 fleshie but not sure if he got away.

4 Nov

06:00, 4 Nov 2005 (GMT)

Half-heartedly took a swipe at Andy Roo, and killed him. Opps. Apologies to the Zombie that was working on him...

05:18, 4 Nov 2005 (GMT)

Woke up outside the Cathedral -- someone shot me and dumped me outside. Saw two fleshies -- ate Alan Shaw, but more shocking, I saw that Parson Johanas, leader of The_Eclesiarchy_Militant is a zombie!
So instead of a Zombie vs. Fleshie fight for St Jude's Cathedral (with CotR eventually moving in), we may end up with a Zombie vs. Zombie fight. Kind of meaningless and boring, what a travesty.

3 Nov

14:54, 3 Nov 2005 (GMT)

It had been a tough two days. Been going about tearing down loose barricades around St Jude's Cathedral -- resistance has stiffened considerably. Spotted graeme cop yesterday, took him down to 3 HP and then was too exhausted, and some other fleshies came by, shot me up, and dumped me outside.
Came back through the barricades to find graeme cop had been healed up all the way to 50 HP. With the help from another Zombie, took him all the way down again. 20th kill, so hard yet so sweet.

1 Nov

08:27, 1 Nov 2005 (GMT)

Woke up irritable. Some idiot was disturbing my sleep last night. Guess that idiot was Berserker Sam, so I had him for breakfast.
He was a bit tough and stringy though, took me some time to get him down. Another Zombie took a chunk out of him too, while I was trying to choke him down.
Heck, I guess he lived up to his name. Any fleshie willing to bed down in the same building as a Zombie must be fairly insane.