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5th of November (2012): Zombie POV
Danger! Danger! Danger! Zombie POV
This is a Pro-Zombie version of the 5th of November, a survivor event that took place during November 2012. This article has been both heavily edited and propagandized for maximum survivor cattle-killing fun. If you believe that destroying small groups of feral zombie children with howitzers and tactical nuclear strikes is more your cup of tea, well, you probably won't enjoy this page.

5th of November, 2012


Date: November 4th, 2012 - November 6th, 2012
Place: Ridleybank, in and around the Blackmore Building, perhaps the most boring building in the game.
Result: Zombies were unable to prevent the mass suicide of Survivors.

The November 5th Cult x Zombies

- The November 5th Cult : Axes High,

Blackmore Bastard Brigade, Channel 4 News Team, Creedy Defense Force, Dr. schwan’s Research and Development Team, The Fortress, Malton College of Medicine, Malton Civil Defense Unit, Malton Forensics Unit.

- Zombies : RRF, Stunned Onlookers

- The November 5th Cult : ???
- Zombies : Irishmen (Papa of the RRF

- The November 5th Cult : Ideological State Apparatus
- Zombies : Lack of pants

- The November 5th Cult : The entire cult
- Zombies : Belief in the human spirit to endure

The 5th of November was a group of survivors based around the Blackmore Building, a Necrotech Building in the zombie-held suburb of Ridleybank. On November 4th, concerned members of the Ridleybank Resistance Front entered Blackmore and discovered more than seventy frantic survivors inside. Despite the heroic efforts of Resistance members to calm the situation, the RRF was unable to prevent the tragic loss of the November 5th group, who believed that optimal UD siege strategy involved a carefully orchestrated, cult-based mass suicide.



On November 3rd, 5th of November members began infiltrating Ridleybank in small groups, looking to establish a small foothold in the zombie-controlled suburb. Led by the DEM, the Army Control Corps, and the Knights Templar, the group built a stronghold at the Blackmore bulding, a little known derelict structure where nothing of consequence ever happens. Like ever. Most residents of Ridleybank were puzzled at first by these strange visitors. Were these new immigrants simply lost? Or were they baked out of their f*cking minds, hoping to score some sweet Funyuns in the middle of the zombie homeland?

Whatever the reason, the actions of the new arrivals were quickly noticed by the zombie officials in Ridleybank. Human intrusions have long been a welcome part of Ridleybank's storied history, ranging from survivors groups hoping to fulfill their ultimate dream of being ground up by an industrial grinder and dumped off a bridge, to those looking for the penultimate, final battle that would finally restore hope to Malton and give humans something to believe in again.

At first, RRF leaders began to believe that this November 5th would be different than before. That it would be special; something to cherish, and something to remember and pass down to future generations. But RRF officials soon became concerned when Ridleybank residents reported something different about this group. Sure, they looked human. They sounded human. And most importantly, they even tasted human.

But something was off. Something was wrong. These new arrivals refused to throw up crudely-made barricades and turn their headquarters into a fire death-trap, a trait that has long defined humanity. They refused to use the notorious drug Revive. And when RRF officials looked into the eyes of these new arrivals, they did not see a human hoping to avenge the loss of their entire family and escape the dark chasm of miasma trapped in their soul by shotgunning a pile of zombies.

They saw something much darker.

Beliefs of the November 5th Cult

Initial preparations for Mass Suicide

Attempts by Ridleybank Resistance Front to prevent the tragedy

The Final Day


Mall-in zombie hands-small.jpg

The Blackmore Building
Probably not the election result you were expecting
--Ross Less Ness Enter Stranger... 01:24, 7 November 2012 (UTC)