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Young Dr. Maghat (the "gh" is silent) had just completed his residency at St. Cyprian's Hospital in Gatcombeton when the zombie plague rained down on Malton. Gathering as many first aid kits as he could find, He made the journey down to Kinch Heights to connect with some old friends. Operating out of St. Aloysius's Church, Maghat and his buddies studied the ZSG and worked to acquire the skills to survive. Maintaining his dedication to the Hippocratic Oath, Maghat has focused on healing the wounded and treating those who have succumbed to the infection. Recently, Maghat has been camping out in the region of Pole Mall in West Grayside, and has offered his services to the Malton Red Cross, although he has also developed a new group, the heralds of Malhalla. With his shaved head, bicycle shorts, and his fannypack full of FAKs, young Dr. Maghat is ready to make a difference!

Skull250.jpg Malhalla
This user believes that the city of Malton is actually Valhalla.