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Main Character: MajesticNinja

Age: 14

Favourite Item: Duel Personaly Engraved Pistols

Description: Dark Blue Cargoe trousers, Black T-Shirt with long sleeves. Black Bandana covering sandy coloured hair. Shotgun attached to back, two Pistols in belt. B.L.A.D.E is engraved on one handle, F.R.E.E.Z.E on the other.


Group: Leader and founder of B.L.A.D.E.

A 14 year old boy who had come from Newent on a clay pigion shooting compotision who was caught in the outbreak. The clay pigion shoot was quickly abandoned when zombies surrounded the site. Getting several people, including his family, to safety of a military escort, he and his father went back to help anyone who had been left behind. No one was left alive. It was then that the boy learnt that zombies are easier to shoot then clay pigions. After disposing of all but a few undead, the boy found 1 survivor. It was a boy who went to his school in Newent, Pieman. Pieman told him that it had been a Pker who had led the zombies there. The 3 of them retreated to the escort. While on its way out of Malton, several Pkers had desguised themselve as the soldiers protecting the escort. Although his family managed to escape, the boy and Pieman were left among the dying Pkers they had just wasted. From that day on, the boy became MajesticNinja, the Pistol Ninja, who harboured an unquenchable hatred of Pkers.

After the escort was destroyed, MajesticNinja and Pieman seperated. After several weeks of ambushing small groups of zombies, MajesticNinja heard of a group called F.R.E.E.Z.E. He found the group and became one of its gunmen. The members treated him with respect even despite of his age. He also met his old friend, Pieman. The Leader at the time, FireManStan, gave MajesticNinja 2 pistols. He carrys those to this day. After working with F.R.E.E.Z.E for several months, there was a call to arms from Caiger Mall. After scouting the situation for F.R.E.E.Z.E, he sent word for them to come down. After several weeks of fighting in Caiger along side his valient friends, MajesticNinja thought of creating a new group. And thus, in the dramatic conflict that was the 2nd siege of Caiger Mall, B.L.A.D.E was born!

After the victory at Caiger, B.L.A.D.E moved into Tapton and set up base. After defending the HQ with a skeleton staff of only 2 other B.L.A.D.E members, reinforcments arrived. The struggle is still being fought.

Secondary Character: PhoenixMajestic

Age: 31

Favourite Item: Fire Axe+Syringe

Description: Ripped Fire Man's uniform. Axe attached to back. Ammo belt with syringes in. Bears terrible scar on arms and chest.


Group: none

Just a normal fireman. For some reason, he has incredible Necrotech abilitys. Real name is unknown, but he has lived in Malton for all his life. Not much is known about PhoenixMajestic at all, he hardly knows himself. Due to an accident at the begginning of the infection, when a building collapsed onto him, he has no memories of his past life style. All he knows is that the scars on his chest and arms were caused when he tried to revive one of the older undead. The creature jumped at PhoenixMajestic and it took ten minutes of brtal grappling to stick the needle into the zombie. He carrys the scars to this day. He is a loner, wondering the streets reviving all.

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