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Description: With short cropped hair, this survivor has a youthful yet gaunt appearance about their face, as if they've seen unspeakable horrors. A bandolier of syringes hangs across his chest. He wears a pinned on badge reading 'MFU Leader - NW1' Makazaru was an intern at the Shuttlebank Necrotech facility just before the outbreak. He was one of the few survivors in the area, and after a close encounter with the zombie populace, decided to join the Malton Forensics Unit. Here he has matured and become a revive expert, maintaining RPs in areas such as Shuttlebank, Eastonwood and Brooke Hills. He was elected Replacement MFU Commander of NW1 in early April 2007, a position he held for 6 months. After a 7 month Hiatus, Makazaruy returned, and quickly took up a position as an Assistant Instructor at Little Fawn Campus, guiding new cadets in the intricacies of the art of revives.

DEM Merits and Ribbons

The Weaponmaster Ribbon.jpg The Weaponmaster Ribbon

Hand to Hand Specialist Ribbon.jpg Hand to Hand Specialist Ribbon

Fitness Ribbon.jpg Fitness Ribbon

Sniper's Ribbon.jpg Sniper's Ribbon

Community Support Ribbon.jpg Community Support Ribbon

Engineer's Ribbon.jpg Engineer's Ribbon

Field Medicine Merit.jpg Field Medicine Merit

Scientific Achievement Ribbon.jpg Scientific Achievement Ribbon

Acquisition Ribbon.jpg Acquisition Ribbon

Reconnissance Specialist Merit.jpg Reconnisance Specialist Merit

Resident Surgeon Ribbon.jpg Resident Surgeon Ribbon

Radio Operator Ribbon 3D.jpg Advanced Radio Dispatch Ribbon

DEM 1 year service.jpg DEM 1 year service

DEM 2 year service.jpg DEM 2 year service

DEMEastonwoodCrew.gif Member of the Old 'Wood Crew

MFU logo.jpg Malton Forensics Unit
Makazaru is a member of the MFU.
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