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  Full Name: Layne Dyan Mallory
  DOB: 17 July 1981
  Physical Statistics: 174cm; 63.2kg (9 stone 13lbs)
  Affiliation: The Revenants
  Area of Operation: Jensentown
  Primary Post: The Selley Building
  Primary MOS: Logistical Support
  UD Profile: Layne Mallory
  SAT Number: 890-6338
"They tell you to watch out for the loud, obnoxious ones—the angry ones with the volatile tempers. They're wrong: it's the quiet ones you gotta worry about. Mallory is very, very quiet."
—1LT Heathrow Jarvis, 15th Marine Expeditionary Unit

Layne Dyan Mallory, most commonly addressed by her surname Mallory, is a contributing member, and current acting administrator, of The Revenants. While logistical support—including recon, security and fortification, and foraging—is her primary duty, she is also trained in in both armed and hand-to-hand combat, tactical combat casualty care, and NecroTech technology.

Biographical Overview



Mallory was born in Kilflynn, County Kerry, Ireland, on 17 July 1981. Her father, an American serviceman stationed in Germany, met her mother, an Irish step dancer, while on leave in Dublin. Though they never married, they maintained an amicable relationship and shared custody of Mallory, going so far as to spend holidays and take vacations together.

Kilflynn remained Mallory's primary residence until she was fifteen. At this time, she moved to the States to attend high school in preparation for college. She lived with her father at Camp Lejeune during the school year and spent breaks and holidays with her mother in Ireland. After graduating, Mallory remained in America even though her father was transferred back to England. Instead of attending college, however, she chose to follow in her father's footsteps and enlisted in the Marines.

The United States Marine Corps

Mallory completed basic training at Parris Island with the rank of Private First Class. She was transferred to Camp Lejeune where she trained as a landing support specialist as a part of the Transportation Support Detachment, Marine Amphibious Unit Service Support Group 15 (currently, Combat Logistics Battalion 15). Her first deployment with MSSG-15 was under the 15th Marine Expeditionary Unit during Operation Stabilize in East Timor. Her near-eidetic memory and highly analytical mind commended her to her superiors, and after eight months of exemplary service, she was promoted to Lance Corporal.

Mallory was on a training mission at Camp Pendleton on 11 September 2001. Once military force had been authorized, MSSG-15 was sent to support the establishment of Camp Rhino in Afghanistan, then the forward operating base at Kandahar, during the initial phase of Operation Enduring Freedom. As war efforts in Afghanistan intensified, Mallory, now a Corporal, and her unit were deployed to Africa to support humanitarian aid operations in Djibouti. It was not long before Mallory's superiors realized that there was more to her than they thought; the unobtrusive, often austere young woman was anything but with the local population. She bred sympathy and commanded compassion, and was subsequently assigned as community liaison between her unit and the locals they served.

She maintained this position in Kuwait, where she was promoted to Sergeant, and at several posts in Iraq during the early days of Operation Iraqi Freedom—most notably Umm Qasr and An Nasiriyah. On a routine excursion in Nasiriyah, Mallory's convoy was ambushed after suffering damage from a pair of IEDs. By all reports, she fought valiantly beside her fellow Marines, shielding an injured Marine and killing at least five insurgents before being injured by a grenade herself. She was transported to Landstuhl Regional Medical Center in Germany, where she spent three days in a coma. Though she made a relatively quick recovery, she suffers from frequent migraines and has lost partial mobility in her left arm as a result of trauma caused by shrapnel which subsequent surgeries and physical therapy could not fully correct.

While at Landstudhl, Mallory was visited by her mother. It was at this time she learned that her father had passed away weeks before. Her injuries, coupled by the desire to remain close to her mother and young half-brother, influenced Mallory's decision not to reenlist. On 03 October 2003, nearly two months after the ambush in Iraq, Mallory was presented with the Bronze Star and a Purple Heart, and was honorably discharged from the United States Marine Corps.

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